7 Top Sadistic Emotional Romance Anime With Happy Endings

Love, heartbreak, and redemption. These powerful emotions drive the most memorable romance stories. I am talking about emotional and sadistic romance anime with a happy endings.

For anime fans seeking an emotional rollercoaster with a happy payoff sounds easy peasy while assuming romance 2nd the most popular genre in anime.

Believe me; it’s tough to find the exact match that fit our query of emotional romance anime with happy endings.

Don’t worry, we have what exactly you’re looking for and thankfully each of these are already well-known within the anime community.

While anime fans have witnessed some most depressing romance anime endings, which you can check out, it’s time to let these emotional romantic conclusions remind you that true love always finds a way.

7: My Happy Marriage

This supernatural romance anime begins with an extreme emotional backstory of a beautiful girl Miyo Saimori.

Miyo is a descendant of a strong Family, despite being from such a powerful clan, she has no supernatural abilities. And for such cause, she endures extreme mistreatment by her stepmother and sibling.

However, her sadistic story came to an end when her parents force poor soul to marry a cruel reputed person.

You can expect what its ending would be, despite a straightforward love drama; this anime displays some high-class animation which is sure treat to watch alongside tender romance.

6: Scums Wish

Hanabi and Mugi are high schoolers who appear to be perfect couple. However, they are only dating each other to fill the voids left by their true unrequited loves.

Hanabi longs for her childhood friend and tutor Narumi, while Mugi pines for his homeroom teacher Akane.

It’s a seinen anime so you better not expect a lovey-dovey happy ending, but how both youngsters and other supportive casts gradually grow at the end of anime is a logically perfect happy ending.

5: Just Because!

When Eita Izumi moves back to his hometown during his final year of high school, it complicates relationships for several classmates.

Mio Natsume has always loved Eita from afar but now struggles with conveying her feelings. Haruto Soma, Mio’s friend, starts developing feelings for Mio as well.

As graduation approaches, tensions rise as the friends try to navigate their complex web of relationships.

After observing this love triangle, now it’s a mystery what could happen after a troublesome romance story. I can assure you it end happily, but in what way and went happily for whom, it’s up to you to judge.

4: Fruits Basket

After losing her mother, kind-hearted Tohru Honda moves in with the mysterious Soma family. She soon discovers their secret – they are possessed by the animals of the Chinese zodiac and transform when hugged by the opposite sex!

As Tohru gets to know the Soma family members, she helps them work through their emotional scars and family issues caused by the curse.

Over time, Tohru and the Soma clan head, Kyo, fall in love. After overcoming many hurdles, Tohru’s unwavering kindness and understanding of the true spirit of the zodiac finally do wonders for the Soma family to live a normal life.

Fruits Basket is full of emotional hardships that the characters must overcome, and they do it briefly while teaching kind life lessons.

3: Blue Spring Ride

By a glance at its first episode, any fan would have judged that it’s a wholesome kind of romance anime, but anime changes its plot from romance to family drama.

When Futaba and Kou reunite in high school, they are initially drawn together but confused by their feelings.

Shy Futaba had crushed on kind Kou in middle school before he suddenly transferred. Now in high school, Kou seems cold and gloomy.

As they reconnect, it’s revealed Kou had a traumatic home life that changed him. Now they both struggle to show their true selves to each other.

This romance anime ends in a happy ending, but I must say, this is the only romance anime I have seen whose whole plot is about delivering ethical storyline that comes with the least bit of fan service.

2: Your Name

Your Name tells the story of high schoolers Mitsuha and Taki who inexplicably begin swapping bodies.

At first confused, they start communicating by leaving notes for the other. As they get to know each other, they become drawn together even though they have never met in person.

When the body swapping mysteriously stops, leaving them unable to connect, the teens desperately try to find each other.

But facing the hardships of finding each other, they end up being together in a way a romance anime fans can’t really ask for.

It’s hard to digest that an anime fan wouldn’t have watched this one of the best romance movie, but I am sure you haven’t seen this romance masterpiece fitting with our query.

1: A Silent Voice

According to our query of emotional romance anime with happy endings, A Silent Voice is an absolute fit to be ranked number one, let me tell you why.

Bullied deaf teenager Shoko Nishimiya transfers schools after being relentlessly tormented by Shoya Ishida.

Years later, filled with deep regret, Shoya attempts to make amends even as he struggles with suicidal thoughts and isolation from his cruel actions.

The whole plot is thought-provoking that demonstrates how early cruelty can inflict deep wounds and shows the courage required to seek forgiveness.

And thankfully it ended in a super wholesome way, which can be taken as lovey-dovey or thought-provoking. In case you ever want to picture “how Karma works“, just watch this romance anime movie.

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