17 Best Long Anime With A Good Story

Are you looking for a long anime with a good story to kill a bundle of hours worthfully? you’re at the right place.

For some beginner fans, the world of anime revolves around some renowned series such as Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Naruto, etc. However, with the skyrocketed success, anime industry is creating hundreds of animes each year. Some of these are breathtaking adaptations of mangas and some are jaw-dropping sequels.

While talking about sequels, not every anime shares the same fate. Many popular animes come to a halt after one or two seasons. Well, it’s a source of disappointment when your beloved anime show goes under wraps, leaving the story incomplete. I have carefully compiled a list of the best long anime series that are worth watching considering many factors.

If you want to avoid such disheartening circumstances, don’t look further than below. Regarding the diverse audience, I have considered every genre of anime to make this a universal list. Without further ado let’s check out the best long-running anime with the least care of disappointment.

17: Jojo Bizarre Adventures

Jojo Bizarre Adventures is most expensive long running anime

Jojo Bizarre Adventure is a story of Joester family, whose members possesses intense psychic strength and encounters many adventures throughout their lives.

Jojo Bizarre Adventure is a universal type of anime that covers action, supernatural, comedy, mystery, suspense, adventure, drama, and fantasy. No wonder why it’s called multi-genre anime.

Jojo Bizarre Adventures is commonly known as one of the most expensive anime series of all time. That is divided into five parts and 152 total episodes throughout 7 years. If you want a long anime with a good story and combo pack of genres, intense fight scenes, and beautiful animations this series is heavenly made up for you.

  • Total Episodes: 152
  • Seasons: 5
  • Studio: David Production

16: Bungo Stray Dogs

Bungo Stray dogs has more than 5 seasons

The orphan lad Atsushi happens to save a drowning man named Dazai Osamu on a riverbank. They both team up to solve the case of the mystical tiger which results in Atsushi becoming a member of the supernatural investigation team. Atsushi embarks on a journey with enigmatic investigation members to solve cases that are far from the reach of police.

It’s the action, comedy, and mystery production of Studio Bones. It’s still an ongoing show with 5th season releasing in 2023. If you desire to watch complex characters with puzzling storylines, you’ll consider Bungo Stray Dogs the best long series to watch.

  • Total Episodes: 49 continue
  • Seasons: 5
  • Studio: Bones

15: Monster

monster anime is long and dull

The monster anime features a doctor named Tenma. He risks his entire career to save the life of a young boy, but after recovering, the boy starts taking the lives of others. The boy became the ultimate regret of Dr. Tenma’s sympathy.

Monster is horror drama anime that explores the creation of a humanoid monster in various ways possible. Unlike other animes, you won’t find action and sparkling animations everywhere. If you’re mature enough to accept a realistic approach within anime, the monster is anime with the best storyline for you.

  • Total Episodes: 74
  • Seasons: 1
  • Studio: Madhouse

14: Baki

Baki is a long running anime with good martial art storyline

Baki is a tale of protagonist Baki Hanma who trains with an intense focus to defeat his father in battle. Who is broadly known as the most powerful creature on planet Earth.

  Baki anime revolves around martial arts fantasy and give limelight to the majority of characters rather than focusing on just the protagonist. That helps people to enjoy a vastly diverse storyline.

  • Total Episodes: 48
  • Seasons: 3
  • Studio: TMS Entertainment

13: High School DXD

Highschool DXd is best ecchi long running anime

Hyoudou Issei eventually got a girlfriend out of blue. On his first date with newly found love, he got deceived and meets his demise. Fortunately, a high-class devil Rias Gremory revives him by agreeing on a certain pact. Now Hroudou Issei has become a servant of her for the rest of life but loyal and powerful one.

keeping multiple genres in mind, Highschool DXD is best Ecchi Harem long-running anime to watch. For reference, Highschool DXD is a favorite choice of Harem anime lovers that provides bundles of fan service like topless shots, bikinis, cuddling, etc. High School DXD is long anime series that is worth watching for Harem genre fans.

  • Total Episodes: 53
  • Seasons: 4
  • Studio: TNK

12: Overload

Overload is long game related anime

A popular game is eventually shut down one day. A pro gamer Momonga decides not to log out and transform into a skeleton. With the world changing, the NPCs started to feel emotions. Having no place in society encourages him to take over the new world the game has become.

Overload is quite an underrated anime regarding the mutual popularity of light novels and manga. Focused on the gaming world, this long-running anime that consists of 52 episodes deserves much more. With respect to the gaming genre, Overload is the best long anime series to watch.

  • Total Episodes: 52
  • Seasons: 4
  • Studio: Madhouse

11: Demon Slayer

Delmon Slayer is best action anime which will have almost 5 or more seasons
anime demon slayer

Demon Slayer is anime focused on warm-hearted boy Tanjiro who makes a living by selling charcoal in the city. In a world of demons, a tragedy hits his family, and all the members are brutally massacred. One sibling survives but becomes a demon. Tanjiro becomes a demon slayer and embarks on a journey to cure his sister.

Till 2023, it has only 3 seasons animated but the roaring success of this anime is a green signal for its 3 more seasons. Demon Slayer’s entertainment district was awarded the title of best-animated series in 2022.

Till now Demon Slayer consists of 50 plus actioned packed episodes that feature some crazy good moments. I bet once you start watching this show, you can’t hold yourself to praising this worth-watching anime series.

  • Total Episodes: 55 continue
  • Seasons: 3
  • Studio: Ufotable

10: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Danmachi is one of the best long running Isekai

Bell Cranel longs for becoming the finest guild adventurer. With dedication and a pure heart, he becomes the familia of goddess Hestia. Now Bell has to conquer brutal levels of Dungeon to reach the status of highest.

Neglecting the fact that it is an ecchi anime, you will rarely get any fan service from its plot. Plot twists featuring the struggles of Bell Cranel will not show mercy even if it looks like an Ecchi romance anime. If you strive for proper character development within a long anime, this show is a recommendation for you.

  • Total Episodes: 60 continue
  • Seasons: 4
  • Studio: J.C Staff

9: My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is best long running action anime

My Hero Academia features a boy who admires superheroes the most. Even though he doesn’t possess any superpowers, he enrolled himself in a prestigious hero academy to learn the rightful meaning to become a hero.

If you want to experience a roller-coaster of emotions within a  “Zero to Hero” storyline, My Hero Academia thought-provoking and jaw-dropping long anime series for you.

  • Total Episodes: 113
  • Seasons: 6
  • Studio: Bones

8: Bleach

Bleach is a very long action anime

Ichigo Kurosaki was born with the gift to see ghosts. When his family is struck by the attack of Hollow, Ichigo decides to become a soul reaper to protect the weak and innocent for good. Now he protects the weeks while helping the cursed souls find peace.

Bleach is surely a long anime but with a good story due to its unique plot, developed characters, and intense action sequences.

  • Total Episodes: 366
  • Seasons: 16
  • Studio: Pierrot

7: Black Clover

black clover has more than 170 episodes and its' not finish yet

Asta, a boy without any magic is determined to become wizard King in a world where magic is usual even for commoners. To make his dream come true, he has trained his body to the utmost level. With such odds, Asta must hold his ground to become the wizard king.

Black Clover is also a Zero to Hero inspirational anime storyline featuring a life lesson of dedication and never giving up. It has more than 170 rom-com action-packed episodes. Though its initial episodes are not quite great in terms of animation quality, it improves gradually throughout the series.

  • Total Episodes: 170 continue
  • Seasons: 1
  • Studio: Pierrot

6: Pokemon

Pokemon is considered one of the longest anime ever

A Pokemon Master Ash travels around the world along with a small group of friends to capture as many Pokemons as possible. Throughout this journey, he dreams to become a great Pokemon master while participating in intense Pokemon fight tournaments.

Anime Otakus has known Pokemon for generations as it’s ended after almost 25 years. Its portfolio has covered almost 1246 episodes within 25 seasons along with 24 movies. These huge numbers and fan following make Pokemon the best long-running anime in history.

  • Total Episodes: 1246
  • Seasons: 26
  • Studio: OLM Studios

5: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

fullmetal alchemist

It’s a story of two brothers who are in search of the Philosopher’s stone after an attempt to revive their deceased mother leaves them in damaged physical form.

Fullmetal Alchemist is considered one of the best anime in history among anime critics. It has a 9 plus rating on both IMDb and My Anime List which proves its greatness. Its unique storyline and bizarre characters make this the best anime series for adults to watch.

  • Total Episodes: 66
  • Seasons: 1
  • Studio: Bones

4: Naruto: Shippuden

Naruto shippuden has almost 500 episodes

Naruto is a knuckleheaded, loud, and hyperactive Ninja who constantly desires to become a Hokage in his village.

It’s quite funny that we covered 500 episodes of the storyline in a single line. Truthfully this is the only plot that this anime is focused on. However, instead of a vast plot, you’ll get to see a huge amount of loveable characters, intense fight scenes, and some beautiful quotes along the 500 episodes journey.

  • Total Episodes: 500
  • Seasons: 21
  • Studio: Pierrot

3: Dragon Ball Z

dragon ball z long running anime

Dragon Ball Z explores the adventures of Goku the Saiyan and Team Z. This way super-power humans and Saiyans work as a team to defend Earth from great Evils.

It’s not possible in a million times that even a random digital media consumer wouldn’t have heard about Dragon Ball Z or spiked hair punk Goku. Yup, talking as a 90’s guy, Dragon Ball Z is a lightweight adventure anime series focused on teamwork, dedication, and trustworthiness.

Dragon Ball Z is surely one of the best long anime with a good story to cover within 291 episodes.

  • Total Episodes: 291
  • Seasons: 9
  • Studio: Toei Animation

2: One Piece

One Piece is best long running action anime consisting of 1000 plus episodes

Monkey D. Luffy opposes the definition of a typical wicked persona pirate and became a pirate for wholesome reasons, to become the king of all pirates through an ethical approach. Along his fascinating quest, he meets intriguing people like Zoro Rorona, Nami, and Sanji. Now with his short crew, the group is heading towards the “grandline” in order to find the great treasure.

One Piece is history’s best and long anime with a good story. In One Piece 1000 plus episodes, you can enjoy epic fights, fantastic adventures, and wild landscapes along with unforgettable music. With 15 feature films, One Piece is renowned as the most long-running anime which has not finished yet.

  • Total Episodes: 1066 continue
  • Seasons: 1
  • Studio: Toei Animation

1: Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is long but best anime

The thought-provoking tale of Eren Yeager, renowned as history’s most courageous protagonist. After his mother was eaten alive by monstrous titans, Eren swore to kill every titan on Earth without knowing the back history of Titans and how he relate with them.

Attack on titan is famous as history’s most depressing anime, which was started in 2013 and yet we anime fans are waiting for its final season part 3.

The reason why Attack on Titan holds the top spot in this list of long anime with a good story is its epic psychological plot and its reputation among critics. Attack on Titan is mostly famous for its brutal plot twists without favoring the protagonists and its badass anime characters. For this list, Attack on Titan is the most deserving best long anime series.

  • Total Episodes: 88
  • Seasons: 4
  • Studio: Wit Studios & Mappa Studios


We have ranked animes keeping in mind their quality along with their size. Every contender in this list reflects different anime genres to satisfy our diverse audience. If you’ve another recommendation out of this list of long anime with a good story, forget not to mention it in the comment section.

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