9 Best Short Action Anime Series You Can Finish In A Day

For those seeking action-packed anime thrills in a compact form, the best short action anime offers stories told with high energy in quick bursts.

The Anime Industry is already overflowing with awesome action packages such as Jujutsu Kaisen, Hell’s Paradise, Samurai Champloo, and many more. But we have enlisted best fast-paced 12-episode shows to pack a punch, immersing viewers in combat between good and evil in a brief way.

All available action thrillers in this list has complete stories so you won’t have to wait for ages to complete the whole story, isn’t it good! Lets check them out.

9: Drifters

Drifters is best short action anime to watch and finish in a day

Drifters is an exciting anime that tells the story of legendary heroes from different eras who are transported to a fantasy world of magic and warfare.

Led by the prophetic Shimazu Toyohisa, great military leaders like Oda Nobunaga, Nasu no Yoichi and El Cid join forces to battle against the mysteriously powerful Ends.

With amazingly choreographed fight scenes enhanced by stunning animation, Drifters treats viewers to epic battles between larger-than-life heroes.

If you enjoy action-packed shows with fantastical settings and great characters, then you must watch this hugely entertaining one of the best short action anime series packed with war strategies and non-stop action.

8: 91 Days

91 days is best short crime thriller with utmost action

Want to embark on a gripping tale of revenge set in 1920s prohibition-era America? 91 Days is the 12 ep’s crime thriller for you.

It introduces Avilio, a man seeking vengeance against the mafia syndicate that tore his world apart. Posing as the deadly hitman Nero, he infiltrates the notorious Vanetti crime family to get close to his targets.

What follows is a twisty web of deception, betrayal and brutal violence as Avilio befriends young Don Angelo.

With moody jazz tones and visuals as slick as the bullets, this short masterpiece will have you on the edge of your seat throughout.

7: Hellsing

Hellsing is 2001 best action and horror anime

Are you ready for an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride unlike anything else? Then check out 2001’s best short action anime Hellsing!

It follows a top secret group protecting England from supernatural forces. Leading the charge is Alucard, the most badass and powerful vampire around – even Dracula would fear him!

Helping out is rookie Seras, who gains some spooky powers of her own. Together they battle nightmareNazi zombies and rogue bloodsuckers in the coolest way.

With epic fight scenes, jaw-dropping gore and characters you won’t forget, this adrenaline-pumping short series is a blast from start to finish. Its creepy visuals and twisting plot will leave you wanting more. So press play – your night is about to get seriously scary!

6: Darwin’s Game

Darwins game is one of the best short action anime with a little cast

If you haven’t heard of Jumanji, man you won’t be able to judge what kind of master piece is this short action anime.

When introverted Kaname downloads a mysterious app, he’s transported into an augmented reality where gamers battle each other with incredible powers.

But here’s the twist – the winner survives while the loser gets eliminated for real! Thrust into a world of life-or-death competition, Kaname joins a group of elite players to help him advance.

From there, it’s non-stop thrills as strategies evolve and secrets emerge. With dynamic fights, pulse-pounding suspense around every corner, and characters you won’t forget, this short series keeps you tangled in the storyline.

5: The God of HighSchool

The god of highschool is fast paced anime with action

If you’re craving for Mappa’s op Choreography animations with a fast-paced storyline, God of Highschool is the best recommendation for you.

this epic story follows three total badasses as they enter the sickest martial arts tournament around. But little do they know, the competition is really a cover to find some legendary fighter with skills off the charts.

This is when the fights go from insane to IN-FREAKING-SANE as our heroes unleash powers straight out of Marvel comics! With battles this explosive and characters this awesome, you’ll be glued from the first punch. Its must watch.

4: HighSchool of The Dead

highschool of the dead is best action and lewd anime

Anime has no shortage of zombie-based themes, but if you haven’t watched “High School of the Dead”, I have to say you never knew the best one.

High School of the Dead drops you straight into the action as a mysterious outbreak turns Fujimi High School into the most dangerous campus around.

Overnight, the students find themselves trapped and fighting for survival against hordes of raging zombies. Takashi takes charge of a motley crew of his peers and together they scavenge whatever weapons they can find.

What follows is a thrilling ride as they battle through swarm after swarm of the flesh-eating undead. With its likable lewd protagonists, creatively gruesome zombie kills and animation bursting with kinetic energy, this short series satisfies to the max.

Want the best short-action anime banger with the utmost ecchi and horror elements? this Madhouse masterpiece is my utmost recommendation.

3: Cyberpunk Edge runners

cyberpunk edge runners is best action anime with unique neon art style

Frankly speaking, sometimes anime’s usual themes feel kind of boring and lazy animation but Cyberpunk Edge Runners comes with a unique theme to satisfy the modern audience.

Set in a lawless future where technology rules, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners follows a street kid trying to survive in a gritty Night City.

When a desperate act leads him to a mysterious group called the Edgerunners, they offer him a new life – if he undergoes illegal modifications.

With his body transformed, he becomes a deadly mercenary alongside his new crew. As they take on risky cybercrime jobs, their bond is tested by the corrupt forces ruling the city.

With its gorgeous visuals, intricate world-building and epic action set-pieces, this fast-paced series is hugely exciting from start to finish. Cyberpunk fans won’t want to miss this anime thriller packed with scifi style.

2: Super Crooks

Super crooks best action anime

TBH, you won’t find any more underrated action anime than the beautifully written and directed show “Super Crooks,” It’s this good that at some point you’ll be forced to consider it a Hollywood production.

The Heat has found himself in a bit of debt due to some gambling issues. Word is he owes a pretty large chunk of change to some unsavory characters.

His number one fan Johnny is worried about how this may pan out for The Heat. So Johnny hatches a plan for one final score that could solve both the debt problem and set them up comfortably. yup it’s sounds like GTA 5!

Although to pull it off means traveling internationally to rob another notorious bad guy on his home turf. If you have watched the famous series “The Boys”, you’ll also praise this best short action anime series in the end.

1: Btooom!

btooom! best fast paced short action anime series

I have to say that when it comes to making a fast-paced action anime series, Madhouse Production always stuns the audience with the short time they get.

Ryouta just played his favorite game Btoom! when suddenly the game transported him to a mysterious island for real. Now a deadly survival game trapped him where he must destroy other players with bomb weapons to reach the goal.

But there’s no restart button this time – one shot and it’s game over forever! Lucky for him Ryouta was a pro at Btoom, so at least he’s got skills. Still, having to actually kill other people to escape is intense.

I don’t think you’ll ever find a boring moment in this best short action anime series loaded full of adventure and merciless wicked characters.


I have created the whole list from my own experience with these shows, so you’ll get the most honest words from my own experience. No matter if you pick last or first to try watching, none of these series will disappoint you. Well, enjoy your time watching the best short action anime series.