9 Romance Anime Where Mc Ends Up With A Girl

Unlike most Harem and Ecchi animes, love is challenging in a romance anime. Especially when romantic characters deeply fell in love with one another and rarely ends up being together.

In the majority of romantic anime, we explore the complexities of true love and observe the barriers that threaten its truthfulness.

While honoring respectable love, we have enlisted the top wholesome romance anime where mc ends up with a girl in a proper way.

Let’s investigate a few exceptional stories where the search for true love crosses gender lines, stirring our spirits with a message of acceptance and the limitless beauty of love.

9: Tsukigakirei

We follow Kotarou and Akane’s heart-touching journey in the enthralling anime “Tsukigakirei,” where two quiet high school students whose lives are irrevocably changed when fate brings them together.

As they navigate the ups and downs of teenage adolescence, viewers witness their genuine and awkwardly sweet romance blossom.

Kotarou and Akane’s love grows stronger as they navigate the difficulties of long-distance relationships and the difficulties of growing up, showing us the value of tolerance, comprehension, and the strength of sincere connections.

Despite the young couple having to maintain a long-distance relationship, our hearts are filled with happiness as we see their love story come to a sincere climax in this moving anime, which beautifully portrays the spirit of first love.

8: My teen romantic Snafu

In the beautiful anime “My Teen Romantic SNAFU,” we travel on a charming adventure with Yukino, a fastidious beauty, and Hachiman, a pessimistic loner, as they unexpectedly end up in a high school service club.

Their initial disagreements transform into a deep relationship as they work through various chores, and their hearts start to open up.

In the midst of misunderstandings and personal development, the couple learns that being true to oneself and accepting one other for who they are pulls them closer, developing into a sweet romance brimming with youthful innocence and tenderness.

Hikigaya finally stands up and tells Yukino that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and that she means the world to him after a long and strange journey of complex love.

In response, Yukino urges Hikigaya to never let go of her as they embrace and ends up finally saying the three magical words “I Love You.”

7: Higehiro

In the engaging anime “Higehiro,” we follow Sayu, a runaway high school student who ends up homeless, and Yoshida, a kind salaryman.

After being rejected by her boss, Yoshida encounters a high school runaway girl insisting to do anything if lets her stay for a while in his apartment and their peculiar relationship starts.

Sayu’s prior traumas and insecurities cause roadblocks in their relationship, but Yoshida helps her recover through compassion and empathy.

After curing her inner wounds, both Yoshida and Sayu agree to date once she completes high school, which hasn’t taken long, and we finally witness a troublesome romance anime where mc ends up with a girl in a wholesome way.

6: Arakwa Under the Bridge

In the rom-com anime “Arakawa Under the Bridge,” we follow the life of Kou Ichinomiya, a haughty and accomplished young man who finds himself suddenly indebted to a funny girl named Nino for saving his life.

Kou and Nino’s strange experiences among the eccentric riverbank people lead to an unexpected and fascinating romance.

As their relationship develops, viewers are introduced to a charming world where love defies conventions, demonstrating that true connection is found in accepting and valuing each other’s individuality.

5: Love is Hard for Otaku

In the charming anime “Love is Hard for Otaku,” we follow the heartwarming journey of Narumi and Hirotaka, two devoted otakus who fatefully interact in the workplace.

Despite having a shared love of anime and video games, they have trouble finding a partner because of their odd hobbies. They come to understand their love for one another as they deal with the ups and downs of working life.

Witness a heartwarming romance anime where the MC ends up with a girl, as Narumi and Hirotaka’s initial struggles with communication and societal expectations lead to a sweet and genuine love story.

5: Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

“Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai,” features the charming story of Sakuta and Mai, a high school couple facing supernatural anomalies known as “puberty syndrome.”

Sakuta and Mai’s initial struggles revolve around misunderstandings and societal pressure, through empathy and unwavering support; they find solace in each other’s company.

As an event of their tender love, Sakuta force himself to not sleep for almost 4 days in fear of forgetting Mai’s presence.

After countering their puberty syndrome hardships, they eventually get along with the promise of never forgetting each other. In my records, this romance anime where mc ends up with a girl comes with the least care of fan service, which truly amazing when you want to cherish true love.

3: Clannad

In the touching anime “Clannad,” we delve into the life of Tomoya Okazaki, a high school delinquent who meets Nagisa Furukawa, a shy and kind-hearted girl.

As Tomoya assists Nagisa in overcoming her obstacles and realizing her aspirations, they develop a deep connection that develops into a sweet romance as they work through the challenges of growing up.

Along the way, they encounter hardships, family issues, and emotional struggles, but through their unwavering love and mutual understanding, the protagonists end up getting along in a wholesome way.

However, its second part known as “Clannad: After Story” explores the most tragic and horrifying difficulties of actual life, but it’s safe to say that the first part comes with a wholesome romance.

2: Fruits Basket

In the inspirational anime “Fruits Basket,” we follow Tohru Honda, a generous girl who meets a family with an odd curse: when they are hugged they turn into the animals of the zodiac.

As Tohru becomes part of their lives, she unravels the secrets behind their enchanting world amidst the comedic and heartfelt moments.

Despite facing initial struggles due to the family’s disapproval, she forms a close bond with Kyo, the cat of the zodiac.

Their love develops through understanding, compassion, and emotional development, bringing them together in the end and honoring the ability of love to bind even the most disparate souls together.

1: Horimiya

In the delightful anime “Horimiya,” we get to see the high school life of Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura. By day, they seem like ordinary students, but outside school, their true selves emerge, revealing surprising sides to each other.

 As they spend more time together, they come to appreciate the beauty of diversity and compassion, which sparks a sweet romance between both teenagers.

This enchanting anime explores the captivating world of young love, where mc ends up with a girl in a proper marital way.

In addition, you can check out Horimiya’s latest spin-off series “The missing pieces” to fully adapt to the relationship between both protagonists.

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