14 Best Wholesome Romance Anime You Should Not Miss

Romance Anime is an excellent medium for anyone to relax and enjoy after a long day. Apart from typical romantic storylines, you can find multiple complex to wholesome romance anime to grind your anime-watching gears.

As you know, there are countless romantic anime to chill your mood. You can’t go through each one to find a wholesome romantic anime. Yet you can find some within this list that is already appraised by the audience. Let’s kick off our journey to find the best wholesome romance anime that comes with least fan service and a warmth storyline.

14: More Than A Married Couple

wholesome romantic anime

More Than a married couple is a romantic fantasy anime with a unique storyline. A high school where students need to practice married life in their daily routine with selected partners to earn points. Jiro Yukuin and Akari Watanabe got selected randomly as partners, on the contrary, their actual lovers also pair up.

According to the assignment, couples with high ranks can switch partners. Jiro and Akari decided to do their best so they can switch their partners, but eventually, they fell for each other. It has only one season animated consisting of 12 episodes but intriguing rom-com moments will make time fly.

13: The Girl Downstairs

wholesome chinese romance anime

Lately, Korean and Chinese anime are not holding back to defeat Japanese anime. Korean project “Lookism” and Chinese “A Girl Downstairs” is a proof of their efforts. Yet they haven’t defeated the big fish but surely have caught the sight of anime lovers.

A Girl Downstairs is a newly released romantic anime featuring the love interests of an ex-idol and university graduate. The story is quite straightforward but filled with delightfully wholesome romance anime moments that’ll force you to finish it within a day.

12: Bunny Girl Senpai

bunny girl - wholesome romance anime

Amidst wholesome romance anime all over, It would be nice having a psychological romance anime. In most romantic anime we usually find one character in the bottom tier and other top tiers. But in this anime, we will get to explore the love chemistry between a strange high school boy and a girl who is suffering from a rare disease called Puberty Syndrome.

The passionate love bond between these strange characters makes you observe how wholesome this anime is. Just imagine, you’ll forget your lover once you sleep, how long can you resist sleeping? The boy maintains 4 days of streak to neglect this from happening.

11: Over The Moon For You

wholesome romantic anime

If you do believe in love at first sight just check out “Over the Moon for you” romance anime. A weirdly named boy Nasa gets saved by a mysterious girl from a car crash.

Awfully injured boy tracks the girl to know more about her and suddenly gets proposed for marriage by that mysterious girl. If you want to taste wholesome romance anime storyline, mystery, and a bit of drama, this anime is a sure treat for you.

10: The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten

angel couple -

Just like the name, the plot of this anime will spoil you rotten for completing it super quickly.

Amane Fujimiya lives in an apartment next door to Mahiru. Who is quite popular in Amane School. Eventually, Mahiru starts cooking for Amane and helping him solve his daily life queries. People who love to see romantic chats and taming moments can’t hold back once they start watching this wholesome romance anime.

9: My Dress Up Darling

cosplay romance anime

Have you fond of cosplays of anime characters? You can master your cosplay designing technique by just watching My Dress Up Darling.

Shoya Ishige crosses paths with Hina Suguta in the sewing room. where she discovers the hidden talent of Shoya, which is cosplay making. Hina was a die-hard cosplay fan, yet struggles to make any effective cosplay design. Her struggles fly away as she founds a friend in the shape of a talented cosplay designer. If you’re looking for single-season wholesome romance anime, you should not look for any other than this.

8: shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie

Shikimori - couple

A straightforward love story of two high schoolers whose personalities are polar opposites to each other.

Shikimori’s a cute and talented girlfriend of Izumi who’s just a clumsy boy with nothing special ability. The plot of anime is all about romance and school life which is common but the chemistry between rom-com characters is a real treat to watch in this anime.

7: The Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague

ice guy and cool female colleague

Just like the main character of this anime “Himuro-Kun” the plot of this anime is cold and tired. For reference, Himuro is the descendent of an ice spirit and eventually meets with Fuyutusuki on the first day of his job. Even though, its plot has nothing special to give except the romantic journey of Himuro and Fuyutusuki.

6: The Dangers In My Heart

The dangers in my heart - exciting wholesome anime

In romantic anime, we usually get to see charming and attractive anime characters.  But this anime has something special to feature regarding characters.

Ichikawa is the creep-looking short boy who always finds himself the tortured one in his class and always thinks of schemes to hurts class peace. Suddenly got the attention of the class’s idol-looking tall girl Yamada and began to explore the awkward life of a superbly beautiful girl. If you have seen the little complex anime, you’ll surely love this newly released wholesome romance anime.

5: Love Is Hard For Otaku

Love is hard for Otaku -

Two childhood friend who works in the same office decides to date each other just like a wholesome romantic couple. But in this peaceful plot, his secret hard-core gaming personality and her secret obsession with homoerotic fiction get in the way of their straightforward love.

Once you crossed its 3 episodes, I bet u can’t hold yourself from watching this anime for two reasons, romance, and comedy.

4: Insomniacs After School

wholesome romance anime

This is a romantic story of two insomniac students who bump into each other in an astronomy observatory that is famous for being haunted.

As they are unable to blink down at night, they revive the astronomy club and began to explore the sky, and eventually discover feelings for each other. Afterschool Insomniacs is a wholesome romance anime beautifully animated, along with a warm passionate plot and romantic teenagers.

3: Higehiro

Higehiro - wholesome romance anime

If you’re looking for an odd romantic tale where a rich girl falls in love with a commoner, Higehiro can serve well with a little fan service.

A 26-year-old IT department employee named Yoshida finds a high school runaway girl in the street after being rejected by her boss. She gets permission to live in Yoshida’s apartment to do chores in exchange for shelter.

Now Yoshida needs to resist his lust and solve the mystery of this runaway high school girl.

2: Kaguya Sama Love IS War

Kaguya sam love is war - wholesome romance anime

If you want your loved one to confess first, you can literally get tons of techniques by watching this romantic warfare anime. Student council president Miyuki Shirogane and Vice-president Kaguya Shinomiya both have feelings for each other. But they are holding themselves back for either of them to confess love first.

This wholesome romantic anime conflict will aware you of the modern and ancient tactics to make someone confess their feelings.

1: Horimiya

best wholesome romance anime

Watching this anime will also make you feel wholesome with its light plot and charming characters.

Horimiya is light anime featuring two polar opposite personas that fell for each other. Miyamura is a spooky bottom-tier boy in his class with multiple piercings, however, the class’s most delightful girl Hori and Miyamura fell in love with each other and start exploring each other’s personas deeply.

The specific reason to place Horimiya at number 1 in the list of wholesome romance anime is its positive light plot. From which each and every anime consumer will get a positive reflection of a proper relationship between lovers.

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