26 Best Lewd Anime That Are Borderline Hentai (Uncensored)

While anime is famous for its action and romance genre, Ecchi animes commonly known as Lewd Anime holds a strong share in the anime market.

If you’re an ecchi anime lover looking for the best lewd anime that are boderline hentai, your search is done for, just stick to the end.

Definition of Lewd Anime!

Lewd anime includes cartoons from Japan that show characters in revealing clothes or suggest sexual things. Some have jokes about sex, while others show it more directly.

It is obvious that nobody gonna watch anime for explicit content only. We have ranked this list of the top most lewd animes according to their “animation quality, plot, eye-catching character designs, and obviously for extreme ecchi anime content within it.” As a bonus each anime is uncensored.

So let’s jump into the enchanting world of the best lewd anime, where perverted scenes will keep you engaged with the storyline.

26: The Legendary Hero is Dead

The legendary hero is dead is best funny lewd anime

If I got to choose from this list to watch first, I would go for “The Legendary Hero is Dead!” without a doubt. Because the way this anime blends comedy and lewdness is a treat to watch.

This 2023 released ecchi anime features Touka, a super-perverted MC who was forced to become the Legendary Hero.

Touka is a common villager who always wishes to put stockings on girls’ thick thighs, but after the dumbest death of Legendary Hero Sion, Touka has to save the world as a replacement for the actual Hero.

For fan service, anime displays bundles of naked shots with lusty character designs. I bet you, this anime won’t disappoint you if you’re in search of watch-worthy best lewd anime.

25: My First Girlfriend is a Gal

My first girlfriend is a gal is best lewd anime

In terms of wholesome romance, My Girlfriend is a Gal is a recommended anime, which provides enough fan service to enjoy romance with naughtiness.

This parody romance anime follows Junichi Hashiba, a clumsy virgin boy who hasn’t had any luck in finding a girlfriend even by the end of high school.

His colorless life becomes vibrant when he is pushed by his friends to ask out for school’s most fashionable Gal, Yame.

Frankly, it’s a typical harem ecchi anime that involves, fully naked scenes, unnecessary clinginess and a good storyline.

Where most lewd anime failed to provide a prominent storyline, My First Girlfriend is a Gal comes with a combo of extreme lewdness and an impressive plot.

24: Sekirei

Sekirei is best ecchi anime

Despite the anime being almost 12 years old and not very good with animations, It is a must-watch anime for fans of the ecchi genre.

It centers around Minato, an unlucky college student who gets caught up in a supernatural battle royale between busty, scantily clad women with special powers called Sekirei.

Minato soon finds himself living with several of these beautiful Sekirei, who see him as their destined partner. With plenty of fanservice and action, Sekirei keeps viewers entertained from start to finish.

Give this lewd anime a shot if you’re looking for an exciting ecchi romp with appealing characters and nonstop fun. On top of that, it’s a seinen anime, which caters to a thought-provoking plot for adults.

23: Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

The most beautiful thing about anime is the exploration of fantasy worlds, and Ecchi’s storyline takes it to another level.

This adult anime is about a girl named Mamori who gets sent to an island called Mermaid. On the island, Mamori transforms into a weapon when she gets excited in a sexual way.

There she meets another girl named Mirei. Mamori and Mirei get very close to each other. When they are together intimately, it makes Mamori’s weapon powers activate.

There are many steamy scenes between Mamori and Mirei who both have large breasts. There is also a lot of nudity. Mamori changes into a weapon in the middle of fights in over-the-top ways.

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid pushes the limits of ecchi anime by being very erotic. If you want to watch a sexy, adult anime with no holding back, this one of the best lewd anime that is well considered as borderline Hentai.

22: Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero is full of explicit content

As an ecchi anime fan, it’s not worth it to miss Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero.

This ecchi fantasy adventure follows Akatsuki, a powerful hero summoned to save another world who loves using his abilities to get intimate with the busty ladies there.

With plenty of steamy scenes like when he shamelessly strips the ample-chested princess naked upon their first meeting, plus copious nudity and compromising positions, this R-rated anime pushes boundaries.

If you’re looking for a lewd anime romp with a sexually empowered protagonist and no limits on erotic content, Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero is best suited for you.

21: Kiss X Sis

Kiss X Sis is best old school lewd anime

Kiss x Sis is a very ecchi anime about twin sisters who fall for their older brother. The sisters start trying to get intimate with their brother after they all begin high school.

There are many risky scenes that makes this anime a borderline hentai, like the twins taking baths with their brother and trying to seduce him. There is also a lot of nudity and touching between the siblings.

If we only talk about lewdness, this anime should rank higher, but due to old-school animations and typical character designs, this anime couldn’t climb up.

20: Demon King Daimao

Demon King Daimao

Get ready for some devilish fun with Demon King Daimao, a crazy bold lewd anime loaded with risque entertainment.

It follows Akuto, a student destined to become the lecherous Demon King, who enters a magic school where he ends up in all kinds of ecchi situations with the busty girls there.

From accidental naked encounters to stripped clothes in action sequences and taboo touching, this R+ anime pushes boundaries.

Its animation quality is fairly considerable, whereas, the character designs are pretty decent to be included in this list.

19: Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

Craving an ecchi anime that’s as epic as it is sexy? Look no further than the Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle.

This gorgeously animated adventure follows former prince Lux as he attends an academy and recruits a team of beautiful female allies.

Though rated PG-13, there’s still light fanservice with compromising positions and bikini mishaps.

Beyond the hints of sexiness, there are stunning visuals, sweeping storylines, and over-the-top mecha battles.

18: Haganai


Haganai is an entertaining ecchi anime centering on a lovable cast of misfit characters.

It follows social outcast Kodaka Hasegawa who joins a club looking to make friends. There he meets several quirky girls who end up in compromising ecchi scenarios like accidentally falling on him.

Though relatively tame, Haganai brings the fanservice with skimpy swimsuits and suggestive positions.

With its colorful animation, hilarious characters, and feel-good story, Haganai perfectly balances sexy fun with humor and heart.

17: Yosuga no Sora

yosuga no sora is cute ecchi anime

Get ready for steamy adult entertainment with Yosuga no Sora, an ecchi anime that crosses boundaries not only with its lewd theme but with insane drama.

When Sora returns home, he rekindles taboo relationships with twin sisters Nao and Akira. Romantic scenes unfold quickly with intimate bathing, passionate kisses, and more.

 It is made for mature adult viewers. If you want a romantic, super steamy ecchi anime that gives you very adult entertainment, Yosuga no Sora is a must-see.

16: Heaven’s Lost Property

heavens lost property is old ecchi anime

Get ready for some heavenly ecchi madness with Heaven’s Lost Property. This wacky anime follows high schooler Tomoki as busty angeloid robots start falling from the sky and landing him in perverted situations.

With panty shots galore, nude scenes, sexually charged humor, and compromising positions, this unapologetic ecchi delivers crazy fanservice insanity.

To be honest, this show’s nudity is quite disturbing and tasteless, but that’s what makes an ecchi anime most lewd or borderline hentai.

15: Ao Chan Can’t Study

ao chan can't study is funny wholesome ecchi anime

Ao Chan Can’t Study is a funny ecchi anime about a girl named Ao whose dad writes erotic books, so she misunderstands people’s intentions as lewd.

When Ao meets the nice boy Kijima, she thinks he likes her because of her dirty mind.

With hilarious mix-ups due to Ao’s erotic imagination, this anime is a must-see for ecchi fans wanting entertainment through sexy misunderstandings.

As for pg 13 rating don’t expect too much explicit content from anime, but for a lewd anime fan lover, it’s worth watching.

14: Interspecies Reviewers

sexually aroused anime which is considered lewdest anime

What do you rate such anime whose plot is all about mating and reviewing? Interspecies Reviewers is a crazy ecchi anime for fans who want something super lewd.

The show is about guys who review brothels filled with sexy elf, angel, and other fantasy women. There are lots of wild orgies and non-stop nudity.

While Interspecies Reviewers gives you the most perverted stuff possible, its character designs are some kind of disturbing and distant from reality.

That’s why even as an extreme ecchi anime, I couldn’t rank it higher.

13: Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls

monstrous ecchi anime

This inventive ecchi lewd anime follows Kimihito whose home becomes monster central when he’s part of an exchange program with creature girls.

From a busty lamia to an alluring harpy, Kimihito’s surrounded by fantasy babes ending up in ecchi scenarios.

Though never too explicit, Monster Musume brings the fanservice with revealing outfits, compromising positions, and nudity.

If you want a one-of-a-kind ecchi romp blending slice-of-life comedy with a wild monster girl harem, this show is a must-see.

12: Seven Mortal Sins

seven mortal sins is girly lewd anime

This mature series follows the alluring fallen angel Lucifer as she sparks with seven powerful demon generals representing the seven deadly sins.

This show has tons of nudity and very steamy scenes everywhere. It totally earns its mature rating.

If you like intense, no-limits ecchi stuff and hot demon girls dressed sexy, Seven Mortal Sins is perfect for you.

The story isn’t deep but comes with admirable character designs and animations that make it a perfect choice for lewd anime lovers.

11: Date a live

date a live is scif mix anime with lewdness

Date A Live shines with its endearing mix of sci-fi and harem genres. Following Shido as he romances dangerous Spirits in clever ways, this anime blends comedy, action, and romance masterfully.

Though it contains tasteful ecchi elements, the fanservice stays light to keep the focus on the story and characters.

If you want a harem anime with just a touch of sexiness to spice things up along with a great sci-fi premise, Date A Live delivers.

Most of all, its blend of genres and lovable characters make this show a total delight. So whether you’re an ecchi lover or a good story lover, this lewd anime won’t disappoint you.

10: Strike the Blood

strike the blood is action ecchi anime with lewd theme

It follows powerful vampire Kojou who partners with swordswoman Yukina to take down dangerous threats, leading to steamy and explicit scenes like accidental bathing walk-ins.

With its strong mix of supernatural fights, comedy, and romance heightened by fanservice, Strike the Blood delivers top level entertainment.

Though containing ecchi moments, the focus stays on the engaging occult premise of Kojou and Yukina battling adversaries.

9: Freezing

freezing anime features lewd battles

Freezing takes place in a future world where fighters team up to battle aliens. The anime features brief but awesome fights that appeal to a seinen audience, while also mixing in some sexy scenes to spice things up.

You get lots of shots of the busty girl warriors sometimes losing their clothes when they battle. There’s nothing too explicit but just enough raciness to keep things interesting.

With the cool fights and hot visuals of the babes, Freezing blends action and fanservice perfectly.

It’s the kind of lewd anime that keeps you wanting more each episode with both the badass battles and the titillating eye candy.

8: Shimoneta

shimoneta is funny lewd anime

Shimoneta takes place in a world where dirty jokes and stuff are completely banned. The main guy Tanukichi joins a group led by a hottie named Blue Snow who rebels against the rules.

She’s always saying and doing sexy stuff just to shock people. There are lots of dirty jokes and scenes where they almost get caught in compromising positions as they fight to freely express themselves.

This show is really funny but also makes you think about censorship. And there are tons of ecchi moments like panty flashes and inappropriate touching.

It’s a J.C.Staff Studio production, so you can watch it without caring about its visual quality.

7: The Mother of Goddess’s Dormitory

mother of godesses dormitory is beautifully animated ecchi anime

I always say that what make an ecchi anime most recommended is its character designs and visuals, because the major purpose of lewd anime is to keep fans engaged with lewd display.

Thankfully Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory is a beautifully animated ecchi romance anime that follows Koushi Nagumo, a 12-year-old boy.

Koushi offered to become the official dormitory mother after being abandoned by his father. Now 12-year-old boy needs to work in a dormitory full of unusual female quirks who hardly know how to put some clothes on.

With a lot of tit-flashing, panty shots, and inappropriate touching, this lewdest anime will hype up your perverted feelings along with caring romance.

6: Golden Boy

golden boy is '90s ecchi anime

Despite this ’90s anime show having the least good animations, I am forced to add this show it’s entertaining and full of perverted storyline.

Even though he seems normal, Kintarou Oe is actually super smart and has already done with college classes but didn’t get his degree. He decides to travel around on a bike cycle to learn more about life and the world.

He can do any job really well and always goes above what people expect. As Kintarou travels, he meets a ton of women who are impressed by his brainy side but he takes off before they can confess their feelings.

Basically, he’s a genius guy biking around and unintentionally charming ladies with his smarts along the way.

If you want to learn something out of a lewd and perverted storyline, this old-school show is super recommended.

5: Prison School

prison school whole content is about lewd scenes

Just assume, as a perverted virgin, you get to join a school full of upskirt female students with only 5 outcast boys, what’ll be the only thing you want to do at least?

Prison School is about five guys who enroll at a former all-girls academy and get busted peeping on the chicks.

The Strict Underground Student Council starts dishing out crazy punishments on the dudes. The guys try all these hilarious schemes to try and break free from the strict rules and get their freedom back.

This show is loaded with raunchy humor, ridiculous scenarios, and tons of fanservice for ecchi fans to feast on.

With its on-point comedic timing and unapologetic lewdness, Prison School totally delivers the ecchi goods.

4: The Testament of Sister New Devil

this ecchi anime is filled with lewd content

Basara’s life gets turned upside down when his dad remarries and he suddenly gets two new stepsisters, Mio and Maria.

But plot twist, these girls are actually demons! Basara ends up having to protect his new demon sis from evil supernatural forces. This anime mixes crazy action with tons of ecchi.

There are lots of fanservice moments like the girls’ skimpy outfits shredding in battles, leaving them barely covered or Basara accidentally walking in on them bathing.

There are spells that only can be neutralized by lewdly squeezing girls’ tits. This is a pure reason why this anime is considered borderline hentai.

As a whole, this anime is loaded with crazy fan service; on top of that, it comes out with a good storyline that makes this lewd anime watch-worthy.

3: Why the Hell are you Here, Teacher!?

why the hell are you teacher here is only about lewd content

If you’re only concerned about watching exploited content with adorable animations within a short ecchi anime, you should watch Why the Hell Are You Here, Teacher!?

Get ready for some wild “sex ed” classes at Kawanuma West School where four super hot teachers are leading the lessons.

Even though hooking up with students is totally off-limits, these instructors keep winding up in crazy ecchi scenarios anyway.

Whether its “accidental” groping, wardrobe malfunctions, or getting dunked in water, these mature babes constantly end up in kinky moments with the guys.

And the dudes have to try hard not to get seduced by their sexy teachers’ bouncing boobs and booties in this extremely lewd anime.

2: High School DXD

Highschool DXD is extreme ecchi anime with lewdness

High school DXD is one of the most reputed romance anime among the ecchi genre. Whether you’re a magic and supernatural stuff lover, action lover, or ecchi lover, this lewd anime won’t disappoint in any aspect.

High School DxD is about this major perv named Issei who gets asked out by a hot girl but surprise, she’s actually a fallen angel who kills him.

Lucky for Issei, he gets revived by an even hotter senior named Rias who’s a devil. She makes him her servant and invites him into the Occult Research club full of cute devil girls.

Now Issei has to train to fight angels and devils while trying to build his big harem and getting into hilarious ecchi situations with the busty babes.

It has 4 seasons consisting of 12+ episodes each, and you won’t find an episode without lewd scenes.

1: Redo of Healer

redo of healer is best lewd anime ever

After watching its first episode, I’m pretty sure you’ll check, Am I mistakenly watching hentai anime? It’s that lewd.

Keyaru is a healer who dreams of being a Hero but is brutally tortured instead. Despite his suffering, Keyaru uses his powers to secretly gain knowledge from those he heals, becoming stronger over time.

Now it is time for his vengeance, but the way he avenges is extremely ecchi or borderline hentai level. It’s not suitable to explain here.

In terms of extreme lewdness, superb character designs, animation quality, and with proper plot settings, Redo of Healer is the best lewd anime that is well renown as borderline hentai on this list.


Generally speaking, each ecchi anime is considered lewd, however, fans don’t only care about lewdness! They want proper storytelling, action-level animations, and adorable characters. These mentioned lewd animes are the best if you’re a fan and look for these aspects within bold ecchi anime.

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