14 Most Updated Romance Anime Featuring Married Couples

Romance is an evergreen genre of anime. Every age group of people adores watching romantic stories, whether they involve adventure, action, or fantasy. Despite its universal appeal, finding stories centered on wholesome couples can be rare. So today, we will be ranking every romance anime where a lovey-dovey couple is shown navigating through the storyline. So let’s just dive into it.

14: My Happy Marriage

my happy marriage is a supernatural roamnce anime with married couples

My Happy Marriage is a summer 2023 Shoujo romance anime. Even though it’s shoujo, its premise and art style are far more convenient than any ordinary romance show.

My Happy Marriage sheds light on the story of a sadistic orphan girl, Miyo Saimori. Her life is no less than a traumatic experience under the wing of her stepmother. However, her days of misery vanished when her marriage was fixed with an infamously cruel man.

13: Jobless Reincarnation (Season 2 Part 2)

Jobless Reincarnation season 2 part 2 is particularly focused on rudeus and syphie married life

Jobless Reincarnation is an absolutely hit Ecchi Isekai anime. It’s one of the few beautifully written shows that do justice to the exploration of Isekai’s life.

The marital life may not be the main plot of this isekai, yet season 2 cour 2 is fully focused on Rudeus and Sylfiete’s couple storyline. The inclusion of this show might not be possible on this list if the studio hadn’t done a marvelous job of showcasing the couple’s romance.

12: Chillin’ In Another World With Level 2 Super Cheat Powers

Chillin' In Another World With Level 2 Super Cheat Powers is romance isekai

Spring 2024 comes with a big loot of successful isekais, and this gigantically titled romance isekai is one of them.

The show is pretty clean, where the MC teleports into another world as a hero with cheat powers. Since his powers were unclear, he was sent to a distant land as a useless reincarnation. With his cheat powers, he goes through many adventures and eventually defeats a white demon wolf who turns out to be a girl. The story is pretty much based on fantasy and romance; however, the lovebirds become a couple in episode six. 

11: Mission: Yozakura Family

mission Yozakura family is the latest action rom-com where couple marry early in anime

After the skyrocketing success of Spy X Family, it’s no wonder that some other family romance action shows are popping up. Frankly speaking, Silver Link Studios has put in such an insane amount of effort that it would be a loss to miss the anime. 

The story follows a lonesome protagonist, Taiyou Asano, who hardly talks to anyone in school apart from his childhood friend, Mutsumi Yozakura. When it reveals that Mutsumi’s life is wicked under the reign of her overprotective brother, he agreeably marries Mutsumi to make her life a bit easier.

10: The World Is Still Beautiful

The World Is Still Beautiful is classic romance featuring couple romance

Bluntly speaking, even though The World is Still Beautiful is almost a decade old, it still beats many shows in terms of quality animations. Therefore, it’s considerable to add it to our list of romance anime with couples.

The revolutionary prince Livius Ifrikia becomes determined to make Nike Remercier his wife after learning about her special ability to summon rain. The female lead is older and taller than the MC and is hesitant to become Ifrikia’s wife due to his infamous cruelty.

9: Tales Of The Wedding Rings

tales of the wedding rings is a harem romance where mc get marries with five girls

Tales of the Wedding Rings shines as a new-gen Ecchi anime with a remarkable harem storyline.

The show centers around a goody-two-shoe protagonist who happens to tag along in another dimension while chasing her childhood love. Upon reaching there, he was tasked with achieving five different wedding rings in order to defeat the evil. Therefore, he has to marry several princesses to achieve these rings.

8: Clannad: After Story

Clannad After Story is a sadistic romance anime showcasing hardships of couple life

Clannad: After Story can fulfill the romantic cravings of audiences with a realistic approach to exploring couple life. The only downside to this anime is its old-school art style, which is hard to keep up with.

To follow Clannad: After Story, one has to watch Clannad first, which is another drawback. The story continues to portray the highs and lows of both Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa in more realistic ways.

7: Grandpa And Grandma Turn Young Again

Grandpa And Grandma Turn Young Again is romance anime where old married couple become young again

The premise of this anime is similar to its title, “clean, wholesome, and thought-provoking.” Those who just want to witness a wholesome couple going through daily life can give this anime a chance.

The old grandpa and grandman wake up only to find themselves in their youthful forms once again. They have been turned young again to live their lives to the fullest. We are going to witness how they’ll live their newly given life in a wholesome way.

6: Tadaima, Okaeri

Tadaima, Okaeri is a boys romance anime

Tadaima, Okaeri is the latest boys love anime that focuses more on childcare themes.

The show revolves around a male couple who somehow give birth to a child. For the sake of their child, they moved into a wholesome environment and began living their ordinary lives while watching their child grow.

5: More Than A Married Couple But Not Lovers

More Than  A Married Couple But Not Lovers is romcom where students practice as married couples

In this anime, the couple pretends to be married as part of a high school activity requirement. “More Than a Married Couple But Not Lovers” immerses viewers in a cozy romance set in high school, where students must participate in couple practice as part of their curriculum. 

The story centers on Jirou Yakuin and Akari Watanabe, two characters with contrasting personalities. Despite their longing for other partners, they find themselves paired up for this practical exercise.

4: Spy X Family

Spy X Family is spy adventure anime where protagonist arrage temporary family and marriage

Spy X Family is an action comedy project by WitStuidos and Clover Works Animation. Even though it doesn’t fall into the romance genre, it covers a decent amount of rom-com moments.

This unconventional anime features a professional spy, Twilight. He’s tasked with establishing a temporary family in order to fulfill his peace mission. In the anime, he marries Yor temporarily to continue his mission in secret.

3: I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying is short romance anime featuring highs and lows of couple life

Sometimes a show doesn’t require hours of screentime to deliver something good, just like “I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying” sheds light on couples’ lives within three or four minutes in each episode.

If you’re short on time and looking for something enjoyable and thought-provoking to watch, this anime can deliver. The tale follows a couple with opposing personalities who experience joys and trials, imparting profound lessons to viewers.

2: Over The Moon For You

Over The Moon For You is anime featuring the adventure of a early couple

Whereas many rom-coms waste tons of time falling in love with their main characters, Over the Moon For You doesn’t waste much.

The story begins with a thrilling scene where the girl saves the main protagonist and asks for marriage if he wants companionship. Right after the MC “Nasa” turns 18, this mysterious girl shows up to marry him and begin their combined wholesome romance journey together.

1: The Way Of The Househusband

The Way Of The Househusband anime features a protagonist who try everthing to make his wife's life easier

When a legendary former Yakuza member turns into a household husband, how can audiences expect normality from such a character?

Tatsu, aka Legendary Immortal Dragon, has become a household husband from a Yakuma member for his married partner. All he desires is to bring happiness to his girl, no matter how.