Top 10 Romance Anime With Cool MC

Every anime fan has their own expectations from an anime he’s watching. Most romance anime fans love watching anime shows with cool MC to enjoy a relaxing journey of dominant male lead. If you’re the one looking for the same, you’ll surely find some binge-worthy recommendations.

In the list below I have tried to cover high school romance anime with a cool male lead, romance anime with cold hearted mc, or badass mc. If you’re looking for such anime shows, stick to the end.

10: Wolf Girl and Black Prince

In my thoughts, Wolf Girl and Black Prince is the utmost recommendation if you’re looking for a romance anime with badass male lead. While in many romances, we see females toying with mc this anime comes with totally opposite settings.

Erika the female lead has introduced Kyouya as her boyfriend to her friends to show off. In reality, he treats her with nothing but cruelty. This good-looking Kyouya is cold-hearted and troublesome who loves to toy with Erika. It’s a shoujo romance anime with a dominant male lead.

9: Sugar Apple Fairy Tale

If you want to watch a cool male lead with a sharp tongue, cold demeanor and dominant behaviour, look no further than 2023’s romance anime “Sugar Apple Fairy Tale” by J.C.Staff.

Determined confectioner Anne purchases the handsome but distrustful warrior fairy Challe to escort her on a journey to fulfill her Sugar Master dream. Though he scoffs at her friendly nature due to trauma, Anne’s kindness steadily chips away at Challe’s icy walls as she competes for royal recognition.

8: ItaKiss

ItaKiss is a quite old high school romance anime with a cool MC released in 2008. Generally speaking, it’s quite an underrated romance anime that deserves more popularity in the genre of rom-com and slice-of-life.

Have you ever had a crush on someone way out of your league? For klutzy yet hardworking Kotoko, it’s the smartest guy in school, the aloof Naoki. Against all odds, she confesses and he reluctantly agrees to date if she gets into college. Follow these unlikely lovers as they start living under one roof, with Kotoko stumbling over herself to win his heart while trying not to flunk out of school.

7: Special A (S.A)

Tired of run-of-the-mill romances where the guy is too shy or sweet? Then Special A is the show for you with a cool male lead. For some people watching lousy MC slowly growing is not very promising, for them this anime really serves.

Kei Takishima, one of the elite students at the school, seems cold and intimidatingly perfect at first. But beneath his calm exterior lies a caring heart, and he’s the absolute coolest when it comes to competing against and protecting his childhood friend Hikari. Watch as their intense rivalry and secret past are rekindled through laugh-out-loud comedy and touching drama.

6: My Happy Marriage

My Happy Marriage is a newly released awesome slice of life by Netflix with really remarkable animations. Despite its slow-paced storyline, you’ll hardly lose any interest because of its cool and clear animations. It may look like a pure sadistic romance anime, whereas its supernatural elements make it a little adventurous anime.

Born without magic in a world where it still exists, Miyo finds herself in an abusive home until promised in marriage. But rumors say her fiancé Kiyoda frightens away all brides with his cold nature. Might their arranged union blossom into real love neither expected to find? “My Happy Marriage” is a heartwarming romance anime with a cool MC and a loveable female anime lead.

5: Skip The Beat

Are you tired of the same old romance tropes and looking for a breakout shoujo series with depth? Then Skip Beat! is show with a vengeful female lead and an icy cold male character. I am not sure you’ll love this anime but you’ll surely hate its male MC for its absurdity.

Our heroine Kyoko was devoted to her childhood friend Sho, but after bearing her soul to him, he callously crushes her heart. Seeking vengeance, Kyoko vows to infiltrate the cutthroat entertainment world where Sho has risen to fame. Its emotionally complex themes and deft blend of drama, comedy and revenge plot make it a must-watch for shoujo fans craving something truly memorable.

4: High School of the Dead

High School of the Dead is a Lewd anime with a cool protagonist who is a darling boy of each remaining girl. This is an ecchi romance anime with a lot of cliches and ecchiness. This anime’s MC is not shown as cool at the beginning but he shines throughout the storyline.

Highschool of the Dead delivers with Takashi Komuro, a fighter who’ll do anything to protect his friends from the horrors threatening them. When a mysterious virus turns the population into sadistic zombies, Takashi bands together a group of high schoolers for a harrowing fight for survival. Watch as he courageously faces waves of undead while also supporting Rei, the woman he loves.

3: Oshi No Ko

Oshi No Ko is the latest Psychological Idol anime with a seinen theme. Oshi No Ko is undoubtedly the best anime about Japan’s Idol Industry with a quite mature plot. It’s not basically a romance anime but there are many romantic elements in this anime to talk about. Honestly, this anime’s badass MC is my utmost favorite on this list.

Ai Hoshino, a renowned idol, surprises rural gynecologist Gorou Amemiya when she arrives pregnant and distressed. Despite Gorou’s pledge to ensure a smooth delivery, an encounter leads to his presumed demise. He awakens as Ai’s newborn, Aquamarine Hoshino. Navigating the competitive entertainment industry, Gorou learns talent doesn’t guarantee success. With the help of an eccentric ally, he strives to protect his cherished one’s smile in this unique tale of reincarnation and the challenges of fame.

2: Skip And Loafer

Skip and Loafer is a seinen romance anime like no other. While many romance anime present female leads in attractive character designs, this anime doesn’t really care about this and yet the audience fell in love with its goofy female lead and cool mc.

A Rural Gal from an Urban Jungle, Mitsumi is set to conquer the uphills of high school in Tokyo. On her way to attend the opening ceremony, she stumbles upon the girl’s favourite and cool boy Sōsuke Shima who is renowned for skipping classes. This is the self-discovery tale of two wholesome characters who are eager to conquer the uphills of their lives.

1: My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999

My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 is a latest Shoujo romance anime with cold and famous mc and Yandere female character made by MadHouse Studios.

Akane recently broke up and wants to quit her RPG. Yet in-game she meets Yamada, famous IRL for dedication to the RPG. Akane grows fond of Yamada and wonders if his passion lies truly with the game or if there’s potential for something more.