10 Best Action Harem Anime Combine With Romance And Thrill

Are you an action anime lover who also has a manly taste for watching female anime characters clinging to the MC unnecessarily? You have arrived at a content where I have ranked the best action harem anime after witnessing a lot of action and harem romance in them.

Honestly speaking don’t expect top-tier action sequences from harem animes because their utterer motive is to serve the fanservice, yet there are some shows that wholesomely serve both genres.

So let’s take you to the fantasy realm where brutal battles and romance reign supreme in the form of Harems.

10: The demon sword master of excalibur academy

The demon sword master of excalibur academy

Frankly speaking, The demon sword master of Excalibur Academy anime also follows a trash trope where the demon lord reincarnates and stuff, however, story gets twisted within two to three episodes. It’s also a romance anime where older females fall for mc.

Avoiding the usual tropes one should praise its vibrant and most humanly character designs with sparkling action sequences. Its crazy good colors and its wholesome characters have forced me to include this anime in this list.

A once-mighty demon lord is reborn as a young boy after centuries sealed away. Now starting anew at Excalibur Academy under the care of the girl who freed him, Leonis must navigate the perils and peculiarities of childhood.

9: Arifureta

Arifureta full action harem anime

If you’re an admirer of revenge-based storylines and op protagonist, this anime is worth considering as it’s a decent harem romance anime with bundles of action in it.

Although one thing that is troubling are its super crisp and dark action scenes, which look like 3d paintings. Its super dark scenes sometimes miss the visual details but its intriguing story beautifully fills that gap.

The story revolves around a weak protagonist who has been betrayed by his fellow adventurers and left in a dreadful dungeon in the hands of his fate. Going through dreadful day-to-day tasks MC becomes op and begins his vengeful journey with a lot of action and harem romance in it.

8: Absolute Duo

Absolute Duo

Absolute Duo is the mixture of two famous anime “Rising of the Shield Hero and Misfit of Demon King Academy“. If you have liking for any of these, as both shows are pretty popular, then it’s worth checking out Absolute Duo, a pure action harem anime.

Even though this anime is based on usual magic high school trope but also comes with a unique concept and an average protagonist.

Toru enrolls at Koryo Academy, where students develop supernatural powers called Duos. His own Duo is unusual—he can summon both a sword and shield. As Toru trains to master his strange ability, he piques the interest of other girls and builds a harem throughout his journey.

7: Strike The Blood

Strike The Blood is ecchi action harem anime

Strike the Blood is pulse-pounding action and romance from start to finish. Packed with breathtaking magical battles, it delights viewers with its powerful yet reluctant protagonist facing off against formidable foes.

Honestly, Strike the Blood is famous among action and ecchi genres with its sparkling magical fights and lewd anime theme.

Kojou Akatsuki is revealed to be the Fourth Progenitor, the strongest kind of supernatural beings known as Alterns. Starting at a new school, he tries keeping his immense powers a secret under the watch of guardian Miko priestess Yukina.

But as threats emerge from other Alterns and secret organizations, Kojou must master his abilities while fighting off enemies and unraveling conspiracies, all while navigating relationships with his growing harem of female admirers.

6: Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

Aestheica of Rogue Hero

For any OP protagonist, it’s very easy to attract the opposite gender but the MC of this anime is not only just OP, he’s the ultimate epitome of perviness. For example, in the first episode, he steals the blouses of female fighters in order to defeat them.

If you want to witness some cool graphics, sparkling magical scenes and easy go through journey of OP MC along some naked babes, this action harem anime is custom tailored for you.

This harem romance anime has a unique plot where the mc Akatsuki Ousawa comes back to Earth with the daughter of defeated Demon Lord Mio. His only motive is to defend this babe while his journey is not going to be easy despite he’s an op character.

5: Highschool DXD

Highschool DXD awesome ecchi romance anime with big harem

As an ecchi romance anime fan, It would be a shame to miss out this extreme ecchi action harem anime with lewdness everywhere in each episode.

The whole storyline of this anime is brutal battles between demons and angels, clothes-torn moments, and girls wanting to sleep with the pervy MC, and this is it.

The high school story revolves around the pervy MC who got a chance to live another life with the master-servant contract with a high-class Fiend. Extreme fan service, fearsome battles and a full story legacy of MC becoming a renowned devil from a pervy nerd is the plot of this anime.

4: The Testament of New Sister Devil

The Testament of New Sister Devil

You can assume this anime is an extreme ecchi version of Highschool DXD with a few character rearrangements and plot settings, however, in terms of ecchiness, it’s one hand above then Highschool DXD.

Sometimes it makes me think how the hell it is not considered as an H anime because the way our MC treats its harem is no less than an H anime.

The story revolves around a wholesome protagonist Basara who has sworn to protect the daughter of a dead demon lord despite being a member of the Hero Party. Through his journey, he attracts many females like devils, heroes, and even his teacher.

3: Rising of the Shield Hero

Rising of the Shield Hero

Yup, I know this anime is not listed as a harem anime however those who are following this anime literally know that this is surely a considerably harem anime even though with little to no romance in it.

Honestly, it’s a pure action anime where many females are attracted to our cursed protagonist by joining his hero clan.

This story features a pity MC who has been hated by everyone due to his defensive powers. Now it’s time for him to shine as a badass anime character by achieving op powers and building his all famine clan or Harem.

2: Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven a best action harem anime

Brace yourself for an exploding heart-pounding ride with Trinity Seven! Magic, action and romance combine with fan service as our hero’s outrageous powers land him living with a unique and beloved sisterhood. In my thoughts, this anime is one of the best harem anime with good plot.

With its cute and curvy cast of magical girls constantly vying for our hero’s attention, steamy soaking wet scenes around every corner, and panty shots as far as the eye can see, this show doesn’t skimp on the fan service.

After a magical accident destroys his town and school, Arata is taken in by the powerful but playful Trinity Seven magicians. Living with the girls at their magic academy, he works to control his immense powers while navigating romantic entanglements with the beautiful and boisterous witches.

1: Highschool of the Dead

highschool of the dead is the best action harem anime

Whether it’s an ecchi harem project or any other genre, Studio Mad House never compromises on giving the best action possible. I bet there is not good blend of action, harem, ecchi and zombie themes other than this anime.

I can assure you that its every single episode is full of fast-paced action, insane lewdness, and full of twists and turns.

Terror descends as a mysterious pandemic transforms humankind into the walking dead. Trapped in a school overrun by rabid zombies at every turn, Takashi the cool mc and a motley crew of students must fight for survival against all bloody odds.


Each of mentioned anime show possesses a decent amount of action and harem romance within it, so enjoy detailed action scenes along with crazy fan service and harem building.