9 Best New Gen Uncensored Anime For Guilty Entertainment

Uncensored ecchi anime has always been a part of the anime industry since the 1990s; however, newgen uncensored anime has taken a large share in the anime community.

It was an old-fashioned story when anime fans hardly got any uncensored shows. Today, after 2020, the anime world has taken the entertainment industry by storm, so we are getting plenty of uncensored anime each year. So let’s begin picking up the cream of the crop.

9: Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time: Super Extra 10

Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time super extra is a new gen uncensored anime released in 2022

Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time was first released in the summer 2020 as a harem anime. After two years, Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time: Super Extra was released.

As a whole anime, it was just fine; however, its uncensored version has won the hearts of Ecchi lovers. The plot revolves around Peter Grill, who has become overpowered to impress his lover’s father. Unfortunately, his amazing powers attract ladies from other species, and thus his harem-building begins.

8: Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs is quite underrated uncensored anime

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs is a 2018 R-rated uncensored anime with some in-depth harem storylines as well. 

This harem tale features a homeless protagonist who eventually arrives at a cheap boarding house. Because nobody wanted to live in this haunted place, it was affordable for Fuyuzora Kogarashi, who also possesses psychic abilities.

He eventually found out that the scary ghost that shuns away others is none other than a beautiful, silver-haired girl. The other residents of this house are also wicked girls with supernatural powers. Now let’s see how our broke protagonist survives in this fantasy harem.

7: Azur Lane

Azur Lane the animation is a uncensored ecchi anime from a game

Azur Lane The Animation is an adaptation of the shooting game ‘Azur Lane’. It’s a military-themed all-girls anime.

The premise of this anime is similar to its game plot, where a technologically advanced alien group appears. To save humanity, four empires create an alliance consisting of some super adorable girls.

Right after the success against aliens, the alliance dissolved, resulting in a war between the two groups. Now the last hope to end this conflict is a mysterious soldier.

6: Immoral Guild

immoral guild

It’s the quality of new-gen uncensored Ecchi animes that they don’t beat around the bush; instead, they give otakus what they want from such a show. The Immoral Guild is a pure example of it.

The show revolves around Kikuru Madan, a guild master whose boring life becomes spicy with the arrival of four odd girls at the party. The quirky nature of these girls aside, the surrounding monsters begin behaving oddly, causing the party never-ending troubles.

5: My Life As Inukai San’s Dog

My Life As Inukai San’s Dog is short ecchi anime

Can you imagine yourself becoming or reincarnating as a dog? I bet nobody wants to until they get to live with such a cute babe like Inukai. For those who are just looking for fanservice, I can’t recommend them any better than this one.

The anime is told from the perspective of a dog who is the reincarnation of a pervy high school kid. Fortunately, he is adopted by a hot gal named Inukai and gets to experience every perverse circumstance a man could imagine alone with a girl.

4: Tales Of The Wedding Rings

Tales Of The Wedding Rings is newly released straigt forward harem

If we see mal ratings for Tales of Wedding Rings, it’s mediocre; however, in terms of giving fans remarkable fanservice, this anime has nailed it. Those who ask for pure, laid-back fantasy ecchiness would rate this anime way higher.

The story follows an ordinary but wholesome boy who gets transported to another world while chasing a childhood friend he likes. With his arrival in this world, he suddenly becomes part of a bigger picture. Now he has to collect five rings from the princesses to beat the bad character.

3: Chained Soldier

Chained Soldier is newly released action ecchi anime

Honestly speaking, Japanese anime knows really well how to introduce explicit plots in creative ways. You’ll realize this quickly while watching this recent uncensored show, Chained Soldier.

The story of this show is staged in a world where senseless monsters wreak havoc and some hot chicks with great powers are fighting against them.

The recently graduated Yuuki Wakura suddenly found himself trapped in this world and rescued by a group of hot chicks. Eventually, he awakens his powers here and begins to work alongside them to solve the mystery of this world.

2: Gushing Over Magical Girls

gushing over magical girls is r rated uncensored show

A show like Gushing over Magical Girls came into being when the author thought of making an adult-oriented Magical Girls show with a deeper plot.

This recent uncensored masterpiece revolves around a sadistic, perverted girl, Utena. Magical girls were always Utena’s crush until she was approached by a dark mascot to become evil. She initially rejects this offer until she finds solace in sexually tormenting the magical girls. Now, let’s see who wins this erotic tug-of-war.

1: Super HxEros

Super HxEros is extreme ecchi new gen anime

Either call it an absurd masterpiece or an extreme ecchi anime! It’s totally up to you how to cherish it. Its extreme erotica theme is the reason why I have listed this at the very top of new-gen uncensored anime shows.

The show is staged in a world where an alien species has invaded Earth. Humans’ erotic energy is their feast, and sucking it eventually makes a human die. Humans with high levels of erotic energy are tasked with defeating these aliens with a gadget called HxEros. Retto Enjou is tasked with performing this task while navigating through insanely erotic mashups.