9 Best Romance Anime Where Rich Girl Fall In Love With Mc

The romance anime where a rich girl fall in love with the MC is a very popular trope that has been effectively utilized in many hit anime series over the years.

The archetypal storyline usually involves a poor yet kind-hearted male lead who, by chance, meets a beautiful girl from a rich family. Despite coming from different social backgrounds and circumstances, both protagonists complete their love story in the form of a wholesome romance anime.

Let’s rank some romance anime that have beautifully portrayed storylines where rich girl fall for mc.

9: I Got a Cheat Skill In Another World

In this anime both rich and royal girls fall in love with mc

I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in The Real World, Too is 2023’s latest, most straightforward Isekai anime with a super casual storyline.

The show features a fatty boy, Yuuya. The poor protagonist was abandoned by his family and siblings. His life was damn gray until he found an otherworld portal at the house of his grandpa.

Yuuya goes through an amazing revolution in this magical world, which has transformed his looks from fatty to hot. Now a rich girl from his school and an otherworld princess have fallen in love with him.

Overall, it’s an adventure Isekai with romantic settings that can impress you with its amazing character designs and quality animation, but it’s not recommended for in-depth plot lovers.

8: Higehiro

higehiro anime also features a rich runaway girl

Higehiro is an awesome slice-of-life romance anime with a unique storyline. In this anime, the protagonist randomly encounters a high school runaway in the street after being rejected by his crush.

She wants to spend the night with him in return for letting her stay at his apartment, but the mystery is that he has no idea what the deal is with this girl.

As the love blooms between these strangers, the MC eventually learns that this runaway girl belongs to a pretty wealthy family and is currently struggling with some family issues.

Don’t worry, it’s not an Ecchi anime, though it has some lewd moments. Everything aside, it’s a wholesome drama-romance anime where a rich girl falls for MC without letting him know her identity.

7: Sounds Of Life

sounds of life is good anime where rich girl fall for mc

Sounds of Life is quite an underrated slice-of-life romance anime. It’s a heartwarming tale of personal growth and love that breaks social barriers.

In Sounds of Life Anime, Chika Kudou is a super arrogant rich girl. At first, Chika cares only about money and status, but as she joins the koto club with Takezou, she changes.

She sees Takezou’s passion for traditional Japanese music and his determination. Their love story shows how music and shared interests can bring people together, even if they’re from different backgrounds.

6:Princess Lover

Princess lover is romance anime

In the anime “Princess Lover!” Charlotte is a rich girl, and Teppei comes from a simple background. At first, they seemed very different. But Teppei is kind to Charlotte in a real way.

He likes her for who she is, not for her money. She starts to see that there is more to life than just riches. Their time together teaches Charlotte that true love doesn’t need money or status.

Even though Charlotte is used to a fancy life and Teppei isn’t rich, they find they connect on the inside. This story shows how love can bring people together across all kinds of divides.

5: Arte

arte is wholesome romance anime where runaways princess fell in love with mc

This seinen romance anime where a rich girl falls in love with MC has a pretty decent plot and a 7.19 MAL rating, so it’s very good.

In “Arte,” the rich girl Arte Spalletti discovers an unexpected love for the main character, Leo. At first, she’s from a wealthy family, and he’s just a humble artist’s apprentice.

But their connection grows as they share their dreams and passion for art. Arte is drawn to Leo’s talent, kindness, and determination to pursue his craft.

Their love story in “Arte” is a heartwarming tale of two people from different worlds finding happiness together through their shared love for art and each other.

4: White Album

white album

In “White Album,” the rich and famous idol singer, Yuki Morikawa, gradually falls for the main character, Touya Fujii. However, it’s a harem anime, so you’re going to witness Touya Fujii and his complicated romantic entanglements with various women.

Initially, their relationship is challenged by Yuki’s fame and the distance it creates. Touya, an ordinary college student, provides stability and understanding in her tumultuous life.

As they spend more time together, Yuki begins to appreciate Touya’s sincerity and unwavering support. She realizes that genuine love transcends social status and fame.

Although it’s not a goody-two-shoe romance anime since there’s betrayal and other stuff involved, as a whole, it’s quite an intense drama-romance anime.

3: Highschool DXD

Highschool dxd is a best lewd romance anime where rias gremory is a rich girl who fall for mc

High School Dxd is history’s most reputed lewd anime. It’s basically an Ecchi Harem romance anime where MC Issei returns to life through a high-class devil named “Rias Gremory.”

Rias Gremory makes Issei initially her servant, but after going through many demonic challenges, affection blooms in the hearts of both, and they come closer, neglecting their status.

It’s a harem ecchi romance anime, so every other female companion of their demon party is also attracted to our pervy MC, who managed to establish one of the biggest anime harems. Besides Harem settings, Rias is the most loyal rich girl who fall in love with our pervy MC.

2: Kaguya Sama Love Is War

Kaguya Sama Love is War is a romance anime

Kaguya Sama Love is War is one of the most popular and well-reputed psychological rom-com anime. Everyone loves the main characters as they go through a cold and comedic war of love.

The main love birds, Miyuki and Kaguya, are mostly known as the president and vice president of the student council. However, Kaguya belongs to a super-rich family, whereas Miyuki is just a commoner.

The way this rom-com anime has portrayed their funny comedy tale, avoiding their background status, is truly appreciable. You can count this romance anime in the list where Rich Girl fall in love with Mc.

1: Over The Moon For You

Over the moon is Romance Anime Where Rich Girl Fall In Love With Mc

It’s a very relaxing romance anime where a boy named Nasa is fatefully saved by a girl from a road accident. Nasa instantly fell head over heels and told Tsukasa he loved her. Tsukasa said she would be his girlfriend, but only if they got married first.

The next year, when Nasa turned 18, Tsukasa suddenly showed up on his doorstep, asking him to get married.

Where Nasa is just an ordinary boy, Tsukasa belongs to a very rich family, which is revealed later in the anime. How and why they both end up together will spoil the storyline, so you better watch this beautiful romance anime where a rich girl fall in love with mc.