12 Best Action Romance Anime That Every Fan Should Watch

We already know that action and romance are the most popular among anime fans. Most top-rated shows also come from these two genres. Today I have custom-tailored the best action anime with romance as a subplot.

If you’re a true action romance lover rest assured because each anime in this list provides a watch-worthy action combined with romance neglecting all the ecchi, harem, reverse harem, and demon shit tropes.

So without further explaining the terms and conditions let’s dig into our list.

12: Love Of Kill

love of kill is a romance anime with action subplot

Do you love watching OP and the mysterious protagonist falling head over heels for an arrogant chick? Love of Kill best serves this plot.

Bounty hunter Chateau Dankworth found her skills unexpectedly surpassed by a mysterious man on one of her missions. Though he offered help on future jobs, she declined further involvement.

Her company was then hired to eliminate the assassin Song Ryang-ha. Coincidentally, he was the same man who bested her in combat and had been trying to get close to Chateau.

Reluctantly she agrees to this job without knowing what mystery lies within this prodigy who also happens to fall in love with her.

11: Castle In The Sky

castle in the sky by ghibli studios

Despite being three decades old, I bet you’ll be trapped for 2 long hours while witnessing this action romance anime movie by Ghibli Studios.

In a world of flying machines, Sheeta possesses a mystical crystal. Pursued by agents who seek its power, she is imprisoned aboard their airship.

During an attack, Sheeta escapes amid the chaos and encounters Pazu, a boy with a dream of reaching the legendary sky castle Laputa.

As both teenagers embark on a combined journey, they find the mysterious organization on the trail to find this castle.

What is the mystery locked in this mysterious castle? Both parties are gonna tested to find out.

10: Yona Of The Dawn

Yona Of The Dawn is one of the best action romance anime

There’s nothing better than a completed story where fans don’t have to wait decades to fulfill a legacy like AOT. If you’re in this category, you’ll like this historical and epic action adventure anime rich with romance.

Follow the journey of Yona, the princess of the kingdom of Kouka, who is forced to flee after her father is murdered by her cousin Su-won, who usurps the throne.

She is a spoiled child and is now accompanied by Hak, her childhood friend, and bodyguard, who is loyal, strong, and sarcastic, as a whole best male MC for shoujo romance.

To regain her kingdom back, both character embarks on a journey to find four legendary dragon warriors.

Along the way, Yona grows from a spoiled and naive girl to a brave and compassionate leader, while Hak realizes his true feelings for her giving audiences the ultimate blend of action and romance.

9: 7 Seeds

7 Seeds is underrated action romance anime

How would you survive in a dystopian future where a meteorite has wiped out most of humanity? That’s the question that 7 Seeds tries to answer with its psychological adventure plot.

It follows the struggles of several groups of young people who were preserved in cryogenic chambers and awakened in a new world.

Among them are Natsu, a timid and kind girl, and Arashi, a cheerful and optimistic boy, who were childhood friends and are reunited after the disaster.

Their romance is a source of hope and comfort in the harsh environment where mysterious creatures lurk everywhere spreading havoc.

8: Basilisk

Basilisk anime

Love is truly an unpredictable and uncontrollable emotion. It can bloom in the least nourished atmosphere. Why I am saying this? You’ll get once begin watching Basilisk which is one of the best action romance anime that nobody talks about.

Do you like dark and tragic stories of star-crossed lovers? If so, you might enjoy Basilisk, a historical anime that depicts the feud between two rival ninja clans.

The main characters are Gennosuke and Oboro, the heirs of the clans, who are secretly in love and wish for peace.

However, their love is doomed by fate and betrayal, as they have to face their enemies and their own comrades in a bloody battle.

7: Fena: Pirate Princess

Fena Pirate Princess

People who are quick judges and tend to get bored easily might check out this original action romance anime series.

This anime tells the story of Fena Houtman, a young orphan girl who escapes from her captors and joins a group of samurai pirates.

She learns that her father was a legendary explorer who was searching for a mythical place called Eden, and she decides to follow in his footsteps.

You would already know, once the thing samurai is involved, witnessing pure action is inevitable. As she falls for the leader of this Samurai clan, we anime fans witness a good action anime with a romantic sub plot.

6: Future Diary

Future Diary is the top recommended action romance anime

Apart from praiseworthy action sequences, a romantic plot, and everything, adults can consider this anime best for its character only. Here I am particularly hinting at the female lead, “Yuno Gasai”.

It’s an anime that depicts a twisted game of survival, where the participants are given cell phones that can predict the future, and have to kill each other to become the next god of time and space.

The protagonist is Yukiteru Amano, a loner who is obsessed with his diary, which records everything he sees. He is paired up with Yuno Gasai, a girl who is madly in love with him and will do anything to protect him.

Their relationship is a mix of obsession and devotion, as they face various enemies and secrets.

5: Btooom!

btooom is a fast paced action survival anime with romance sub plot

Despite being ranked as one of the most fast-paced action anime, the way btooom! blooms the slow-burn romance between both main characters is truly admirable.

Btooom! depicts a deadly game of survival, where the participants are armed with bombs and have to kill each other. The main character is Ryouta Sakamoto, a NEET who is a top player of an online game called Btooom!, which is based on the same concept.

One day he is kidnapped and transported to an island, where he meets Himiko, a girl who was his in-game wife.

They decide to team up and find a way to escape, but they also have to face their past traumas and trust issues. Their romance is complicated by the violence and deception that surround them.

4: Chaika – The coffin Princess

Chaika – The coffin Princess

If I ever created a list of the most underrated action romance anime, I promise Chaika The Coffin Princess would be found on the top with its alluring story filled with mystery, adventure, and heart.

This underrated gem revolves around Chaika, a mysterious girl who carries a coffin on her back and is looking for the remains of her father, the former emperor who was killed by a group of heroes.

Does this storyline pique your interest? wait because there’s more. She hires Tooru and Akari, two siblings who are skilled saboteurs, to help her in her quest.

Tooru is initially reluctant to work with Chaika, but he gradually develops feelings for her, as he is impressed by her determination and innocence. Chaika also grows to trust and care for Tooru, as he protects her from the enemies who are after her.

3: Fate Stay Night Series

Fate Stay Night Series

With breathtaking battle sequences showcasing heroes at their peak, and a will-they-won’t-they central romance that keeps you on the edge of your seat, this series seamlessly weaves its compelling supernatural plot with genuine emotional stakes.

This is an anime that depicts a supernatural battle royale that involves seven magi and their summoned servants, who are historical or mythical figures, fighting for the Holy Grail, a powerful artifact that can grant any wish.

Among such atmosphere lies the mc Shirou Emiya, a novice magus who accidentally summons Saber, a female knight who is the strongest servant.

Shirou and Saber form a bond as they fight against the other participants, who have different motives and methods. This is truly a hard-cooked anime show with the best animations by Ufotable.

2: Darling In The Franxx

Darling In The Franxx is a sci fi action romance anime

Darling In The Franxx is a top-rated end-of-the-world action romance anime blended with a mecha theme.

People who think mecha anime is overrated should give this anime a shot.

The show is staged in a dystopian Era where humanity lives in a futuristic city. Among them are teenage soldiers who pilot giant mecha robots to fight dreadful monsters.

Here comes the prodigy girl Zero Two famous by the nickname partner killer. As a pair of a boy and a girl is required to operate these giant robots, no male has survived the partnership with Zero Two.

Surprisingly an aspiring newbie Hiro has managed to survive with ZeroTwo. The story doesn’t end here as the monstrous forces have begun evolving and mysterious conspiracies are opening to teenagers.

1: Sword Art Online

sword art onine is the best action romance anime

The top spot in this list has been secured by the most iconic game world isekai animeSword Art Online.

SAO transports us to a vibrant virtual world where romance and skill are put to the test. Trapped inside the revolutionary new game, Kirito and Asuna find themselves fighting for their lives.

As dying inside the game means the actual death of a player, the stakes are high.


Romance is known as the mandatory part of any anime regardless of genre; however, I have ranked the top action anime that serves romance as a subplot or more. So whether you love romance or action, every anime mentioned is this list is fully recommended to watch.