Top 10 Romantic Characters in Anime

Anyone can fall in love, sometimes it is quick to happen and sometimes it took years. While talking about anime, it is hard to not find love quirks in any genre of anime. As romance is a very universal genre, finding romantic anime characters in anime is not a big deal. From top-class anime to even low-tier anime, it’s inevitable to not find romantic characters.

The real deal here is to pick such romantic characters of anime whose love stories, character development and dialogues become eternal in the minds of anime lovers. For this particular task, we have shortlisted our top 12 romantic characters in anime.
To make your heart skip a beat, we have also included their top romantic quotes. So let’s begin our journey of the best romantic characters in anime.

10: Sayu Ogiwara (Higehiro)

After being rejected by his crush, Yoshida was on his way home when he finds a high school runaway Named Sayu Ogiwara who was willing to even sleep for staying at Yoshida’s residence.

Even being broken Yoshida resists this offer and lets Sayu stay for doing chores in his little apartment.
The story is way more diverse than just a romantic deal. The romantic anime has adult scenes and talks so keep this in mind before watching.

Best quote: “It hurts when the person you like makes a mess of your life”.

9: Marine Kitagawa (My Dress up Darling)

The story begins when a passionate hina doll maker Wakana Gojo who is a lonesome bottom-tier character in school meets Marine Kitagawa a popular pretty girl in school. Marine Kitagawa who has a crazy hobby of wearing cosplay costumes becomes an admirer of Wakana Gojo’s skill.

The romance between these is not open and admitted but they do share some very awkward scenes. The decent animation alongside very deep and romantic moments between these romantic characters in anime makes it worth watching.

Best quote: “The words that describe beauty exist because there are such things”.

8: Rias Gremory (High School DXD)

The boy named Issei got killed by her girlfriend and brought back to life by the high-class devil “Rias Gremory”. But now Issei who is a pervert need to serve Rias and her entire family for the rest of her life. However she becomes the lover of Issei, but the problem is that her entire clan fell for him.

The animation of the series is acceptable but you’ll get to see at least one adult scene in each single episode. Rias and her clan do crazy weird things that are more like romantic or adult adventures, so make sure to watch this carefully.

Best quote: “Nipples, they’re worth even murdering for”.

7: Yume Irido (My stepmom’s daughter is my ex)

Mizuto Irido and Yume Irido share a girlfriend and boyfriend relationship in their primary school era. After a long time after their breakup, they suddenly have to live together as a stepbrother and stepsister. However, even after being in a relationship like this, they do share a very romantic and deep story-line in this anime.

How anyone could not have romantic characters in anime like this, but the must-watchable thing in this anime is the weird relationship between these two high schoolers. The animation is quite good alongside with story, so make sure to watch these admirable romantic characters in anime.

Best quote: “I realized feelings of love and hatred were at odds within me”.

6: Zero two (Darling in the Franxx)

Darling in the Franxx is a sci-fi anime series where modern civilization is in danger due to some gigantic beasts which are continuously growing stronger. Then the powerful girl Zero Two found her perfect match.

Even though the series is more about sci-fi and robots but there is a very generous love triangle to hype things up. As the series is old and the animation is not very admirable but still worth watching due to its story-line.

Best quote: “Love is to love someone for who they are, who they were, and who they will be”.

5: Mai Sukrajima (Rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai)

A bottom tier high schooler eventually found a hot girl wearing the bunny costume in a library. But their romantic and tragic tale begins when people began to forget her existence due to a problem called “puberty syndrome”. And the high schooler boy is the only one who remembered her and tries his best to not forget her.
As their love story is more tragic than just romance it’s worth giving it a try to experience a very unique concept of story.

Best quote: “Even if the whole world hated me, I could keep living if that one person needed me”.

4: Kroko Hori (Horimiya)

Another masterpiece of CloverWorks is when a popular pretty and hardworking girl Hori meets a gloomy guy Miyamura. Even though they study in the same class they had never interacted before. Once they cross paths on a road they started to begin their relationship by revealing their other true selves to each other.

Very thoughtful writing along with very smooth animations will help you enjoy these romantic characters in anime. And a very thoroughly written storyline will help you understand the true meaning of a couple.

Best quote: “You can lose your pride to the one you love, rather than lose the one you love because of pride”.

3: Hina Tachibana and Rui Tachibana (Domestic girlfriend)

The high schooler boy Natsu meets a girl named Rui who invites him for sex without even knowing him. But the story gets complicated when Natsu’s dad marries the mother of his school teacher who is eventually his crush and the sister of Gril who was inviting her.
If you’re looking for a true romance with some love and boldness, these anime romantic characters are good to fall for them.

Best quote: “By the time you realize you love me, I’ll have realized you never deserved me”.

2: Vermiel (Vermiel in Gold)

Alto Goldfield, a student at the magic academy accidentally but curiously inscribes a spell and ends up summoning a very powerful and hot lady demon who loves to suck her magic mana by cuddling him.

Yeah, I know it sounds weird but this is how it works in most of the animes. Very smooth animation and emotions between the master and demon help to establish a romantic vibe between these romantic characters in anime.

Best quote: “I’ll become the strongest mage in the entire world, and protect you from anything and everyone”.

1: Mikasa (Attack on Titan)

The girl named Mikasa Ackerman trigger her abilities after meeting the best protagonist character in anime history “Eren” in childhood. Due to Erens deep words and feelings, Mikasa triggers or awakened Ackerman’s ability to protect Eren at all costs.

Even though I don’t need to explain and some people will think AOT is not a romantic kind of anime, I know. But we at least had seen the deep bond between Eren and Mikasa from time to time.

Best quote: “Once I am dead, I won’t even be able to remember you. So I’ll win, no matter what”.

I hope this list wouldn’t have disappointed you by such ranking, but if you have more worthy suggestion, forget not to mention it in the comment section.

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