9 Anime Where Mc Is Neet or Hikikomori (Unemployed)

Being a “NEET” in today’s fast-paced world seems like swimming against the tide. I have created this anime list with Neet MC, so the Neet audience or people stepping into the workforce can be inspired.

Anime stories revolving around NEET characters give an insightful view into the psyche of people who choose or are forced to withdraw from regular education or employment.

It shows their journey of self-discovery as they try to make peace with an unordinary lifestyle through rediscovering hobbies, forging new connections, and sometimes even helping others in small ways.

So without getting depressed about the future, let’s dig up some anime with neet mc best suited for adults.

9: Relife

In Relife anime protagonist is neet even at age 27

Let’s kick off our list with a life-teaching anime “relife”. Why it’s life teaching? Because it kind of motivates adults to enjoy their high school life while preparing for the future.

Our protagonist, a 27-year-old unemployed man, feels like a failure who has resigned from a full-time job due to workplace bullies.

 But then, one fateful day, a mysterious man approaches with an intriguing proposal – to test a new experimental drug that can rewind the clocks. Means this drug can make him 17 once again.

Agreed, our hero wakes up feeling 17 again, with a chance to redo high school. Can he be able to pull this off, watch on your own in this anime while learning from little bits of our neet mc.

8: I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

Finding hilarious anime like “I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying” within a seinen trope is like once in a blue moon.

Brace yourself for a damn conventional anime with pure neet mc.

For Kaoru, a typical work life leaves little time for rest. But time at home is far from usual, with husband Hajime leading a reclusive existence as a “NEET”.

While Kaoru faces the daily grind, Hajime prefers the simple joys of games and anime in their small apartment. Navigating two different worlds takes its toll on their relationship.

Gradually, by opening their eyes to each other’s realities, the divide blurs. Whether it’s Hajime learning to appreciate Kaoru’s weary days or Kaoru finding calm in Hajime’s hobbies, they overcome barriers.

7: Btoom!

Btoom! anime dispaly depressed need mc

Although Btooom! depicts very little backstory of Ryota Sakamoto as little mc, this anime is considerable in this list. Despite being a decade old, it will hook you with its top-notch action and fast-paced storyline.

An ordinary evening takes an explosive turn when total shut-in gamer Ryota Sakamoto finds himself trapped on a deadly game show.

Alongside other plucked “NEETs” and criminals, he learns the horrifying rules – survive or be eliminated in a murderous game using explosive devices.

A tense thriller, “Btoom!” explores one introvert’s will to survive the unimaginable terrors of an inescapable nightmare.

6: Recovery Of MMO Junkie

Recovery Of MMO Junkie is anime where mc quite work and become a gamer

How wonderful it would be to find someone life-changing while killing your time! wanna find out? Watch this anime Recovery Of An MMO Junkie where neet female mc is blessed with a life-changing match.

Fed up being in the workforce for almost a decade, Moriko has decided to enjoy her unemployed life to the fullest while gaming all the time.

While playing a multiplayer game, she befriended a healer called Lily who was being played by another corporate worker named “Yuuta Sakurai”

One fateful day both collide with each other at the convenience store without realising the fact that they already spend a lot of time together. What happened next? Find out in this case of familiar strangers while exploring the subject of neet mc life.

5: The Wallflower

The Wallflower anime with neet mc

Watching old-school art style can be tiresome but if a show is damn funny like “The Wallflower”, one should compromise with any flaw of it.

Just like a typical Shojo “Sunako Nakahara” has become a neet or Hikikimori after rejecting by her crush. On this disgrace, she has lost her whole confidence in an instant.

Fatefully she is sent to her aunt by some circumstances without knowing that four handsome males are waiting for her to arrive. Why! because they don’t have money to pay rent so they’ll make Sunako into a popular lady in exchange for rent-free living.

I bet finding a funnier anime with neet mc subject is literally impossible.

4: Osomatsu-san

Osomatsu-san anime with neet brothers

What Deadpool is to superhero franchise, just like that Osomatsu-san is to anime. Because it’s that hilarious and unarguably a hidden gem.

Storyline description was, it could look like a family-friendly anime, however, don’t be misled by its wholesome description because it’s fully loaded with dirty jokes aimed primarily at older teenagers.

Calling it anime with Neet MC is may be wrong because its whole cast “6 siblings” is lazy Neet freaks. Matsuno household has 6 incredibly lazy siblings who have zero motivation to get a job.

From trying to pick up girlfriends to finding the perfect job, the anime is enriched with the neet brothers throwing a fan tantrum in the shape of daily life hijinks.

3: Sing Yesterday For Me

Sing Yesterday For Me is anime where main character is neet

If some anime has given the best inspiration or motivation through the journey of Neet Mc, It has to be this seinen romance anime “Sing Yesterday For Me.”

Meet Rikuo Uozumi, a college graduate floating from one unfulfilling part-time role to another until a stranger girl Haru Nonaka begins hitting on him regularly.

On top of that, her all-time college crush Shinako Morinome, has returned to town making it a little more difficult for Rikuo to move on.

As the whole love triangle situation has developed, both characters have to go through some thick and thin moments.

2: No Game No Life

no game no life Shiro is neet gamer

A person can lose whole motivation after realizing that such genius siblings went neet. But anime world is a realm of unexpected things, so rests assure and watch this isekai anime where mc transports into game world.

In an ordinary apartment in Tokyo, Sora and Shiro are an extraordinarily talented brother and sister gaming duo who never venture outside. Known only by their handles “Blank” online, the two hikikomori siblings seem like the perfect example of NEETs

However, their lives change forever when they are mysteriously transported along with their dwelling to another world called Disboard.

1: Welcome To The N.H.K.

Welcome To The N.H.K.

Knock, Knock – It’s Rock Bottom Calling

Welcome to the surreal world of Satou, a hikikomori dripping in dysfunctional attitude. Having barricaded himself in his apartment for two years, this ultimate NEET is the picture of social phobia and wasted potential. But help might soon come knocking…literally!

In his delirious state, Satou comes to believe the NHK (a TV network) is conspiring to spread the “hikikomori lifestyle”. Just when it seems he’s lost all hope, a mysterious girl named Misaki intervenes to set him straight.

But convincing this self-proclaimed “loser otaku” to rejoin the real world won’t be easy – especially with dark forces scheming against his recovery! Wanna know? Watch this classic anime with ultimate neet mc who embarks on self discovery journey.