10 Top Romance Anime With Emotional Love Triangles

Love triangles is considered one of the richest and most beloved romance anime tropes. Where audiences feel a little detached while watching a straightforward rom-com, love triangles keep the watchers entangled with compelling drama.

In case you don’t know what a love triangle means; it’s a plot where not one but two hearts compete for their love interest’s affection. Watching how the relationships unfold and change over time as secrets are revealed and feelings intensify makes for highly addictive and entertaining romance anime with love triangles that keep the audience guessing until the very end.

So let’s get into our list of love triangles.

10: Schools days

school days is depressing dark romance triangle tale

Let’s start our list with an old-school romance anime that started as your daily rom-com and turns out to be a darker romance anime with twisted characters. School Days was released in 2007 so don’t set high hopes related to its art style; however, you expect a top-notch forbidden romance.

This classic story follows our twisted anime protagonist Makoto Itou who becomes entranced by the beauty of freshman-year girl Kotonoha Katsura. Even though they usually travel together Makoto never found gutts to approach her.

Instead, he took a secret snap of her and set it on his cell phone’s wallpaper; how idiotic! Soon her classmate Sekai Saionji spots the picture and offers a helping hand. But things turn out to be a darker love triangle when Sekai Saionji also reveals her true feelings towards our lousy MC.

9: Rezero

rezero is one of the best isekai romance anime with love triangle

Rezero is may be the only isekai romance anime that comes with a grand fantasy storyline along with the element of a love triangles. Though the story is not only about romance, but cult romance lovers like me yet praise this anime for its romantic seriousness.

This suspense isekai anime follows the Otakus lad Subaru Natsuki who transports into fantasy land assuming this list as chilling as a walk in the park. Soon his easy expectations are proven wrong when he caught up in the heavy atmosphere of this fantasy world where demons and immortal witches can kill for real.

While walking through the storyline, Subaru sets his goal to save the half-elf girl Emilia and ends up being a servant in their royal palace. There comes our second contender in this love triangle, demon maid Rem.

8: More Than a Married Couple But Not Lovers

More Than a Married Couple But Not Lovers is wholesome romance anime

Though the first half of this wholesome romance show focuses on rom-com, the 2nd half presents a growing love triangle storyline between our bottom-tier MC and two beautiful female leads.

This quirky story follows our bottom-tier mc Jirou Yakuin desperate to pair with his childhood love interest Shiori Sakurazaka for the mandatory “Couple Practical” class. The least thing likely to happen in his life was to be paired with wildly opposite Akari Watanabe.

The first half was easy as Akari Watanabe was ready to swap partners with the right opportunity until her heart began deeply moving towards our lousy MC. It’ll be surely an awesome experience to watch our lousy MC going through an intense love triangle in this romance anime.

7: Sing Yesterday for Me

sing yesterday for me is a love triangle seinen anime

If you’re a thought-provoking romance lover, you must give a shot at this seinen romance anime where relationships seem more natural than one event story.

This seinen tale follows the loner MC who is stuck in first gear after graduation when his all-time crush Shinako Morinome becomes a professional teacher after graduation.

Here comes the lively-spirited girl Haru Nonaka, a female version of our loner MC in terms of persona. Their lives become interwined and more complicated when Haru Nonaka a student of Shinako Morinome finds out the past feelings of our mc Rikuo Uozumi towards Shinako sensei.

6: Golden Time

Golden Time is quite mature romance anime

Golden Time is a pure mature romance anime released in 2013 with almost 24 episodes. In this fast-paced world 24 episodes with quite a casual art style may sound demanding for beginners but, if you’re looking for a pure love triangles romance anime, believe me, it’s worth watching even now.

The story follows our amnesia suffering MC Banri Tada becoming an interesting overdramatic protagonist. However, after befriending Mitsuo Yanagisawa, he joins law school in Tokyo to be reborn as a new person.

Suddenly Mitsuo’s childhood friend and an over-the-top girl Koko Kaga barges into the life of Banri making a situation for a love triangle.

5: Yona of the Dawn

Yona of the dawn

Yona of the Dawn is a hidden gem in shoujo romance anime with three genres in one; fantasy, romance, and adventure. You can count it as more of a self-discovery anime with a subplot of romance.

This slow-paced story revolves around the pampered princess Yona who is betrayed and forced to flee from her kingdom. In this time of need, no other but her only childhood friend and love interest Hak is her trustworthy guide.

Now Yona has embarked on the journey to earn her rightful place by effort. This journey won’t be easy as Yona has to conquer the uphills of life including the love triangle between Hak and Su-Won.

4: Kokoro Connect

Kokoro connect is psychological romance anime

Just imagine what would happen if you and your random friends began swapping bodies and your darkest desires were forced to show up on the surface without your will? If you want to visualize this experience, Kokoro Connect is for you.

The Cultural Club at Yamahoshi Academy awakens to a strange new reality – The hearts and minds of five members of this club can now swap bodies without consent.

In this swap-switching hassle, a love triangle blooms between Himeko, Taichi, and Iori. Despite this premise having been used multiple times in anime, Kokoro Connect stands out as a supernatural romantic tale full of emotions.

3: Domestic Girlfriend

Domestic Girlfriend is an ecchi anime with love triangle

I believe if this anime is not an ecchi romance anime, this would be one of the best romance show in which the love triangle between characters feel deep inside the hearts of audiences.

This ecchi romance show follows Natsuo Fujii who is head over heels in love with her sensei Hina Tachibana and becomes sexually involved with her younger sister unintentionally without knowing.

Things become more complicated when both her love interests become his step sisters and begin living under one roof. What a complicated story! & this leads to the ecchi love triangle between mc and his step sisters.

2: Honey And Clover

Honey And Clover Is an classic romance anime with love triangle

Honey and clover is known as one of the classic romance anime with an emotional storyline like no other. It was released in 2005, so bearing its art style would not be easy for newbies, however, if you can, it will bring you a top-notch tale of romance.

Honey and Clover follows Takemoto Yuta who moves into a shared house with his art college classmates Yamada, an expressive painter, and Shinohara, a gifted sculptor recovering from past trauma.

Here comes the true love interest of Takemoto, Hagumi who has feelings for another guy named Yumi Yamada. Such complex relationships and longing for unrequited love make this romantic anime one of the best of its time.

1: My Teen romantic comedy Snafu

my teen romantic snafu is a best romance anime with love triangles

My Teen romantic comedy Snafu is one of the best psychological romance anime which on the surface looks like your typical rom-com anime but comes with a deeper storyline along with binge worthy love triangles.

The anime follows our typical loner mc Hachiman Hikigaya who is boastful and believes joyful youth is nothing but a farce. His life began changing when he was forced to join the school’s volunteer club which is run by the most popular and beautiful girl in the school Yukino.

Before he can settle in the new club properly here comes another attractive girl Yui to make things worse leading to a love triangle between a duo of beauties and our loner MC.