Best 10+ Isekai Anime With Modern Technology Or Sci-fi Theme

Isekai anime featuring modern technology and sci-fi elements offer exciting new worlds for viewers to explore.

Some of the best examples combine a fantasy setting with advanced gadgets and innovations.

In most of the Isekai series, where audiences are bound to watch lame magic and hot Waifus, anime with sci-fi themes offers more interesting content to be found.

From advanced cities of technology to amazing tech gadgets, below are the top best-suited Isekai anime with modern technology demonstrations.

(Sci-fi stuff like modern tech being used in dystopian lands, modern cities, advanced weapons, and modern powers like telekinesis, these are the subjects on whose behalf, we have compiled this list.)

Due to years of involvement in the Isekai genre, I have compiled this list to offer you the most accurate you are looking for.

So let’s jump into the enchanting dimension of anime just like Isekai’s protagonist.

10: Otherside Picnic

Usually, I have just one complaint with Isekai animes, they fool the audience with a pretty childish adventure approach, surely an adult can’t bear such an easy plot.

If you’re looking for a hardcore mystery and suspense within the Isekai genre, Otherside Picnic gonna impress you a lot.

Otherside Picnic is about two college girls who become besties after discovering they can both visit a freaky alternate reality called the Otherside.

They use smartphones and robots to explore the creepy dimension and have their friendship tested by surreal horrors.

Even though it takes place in a creepy parallel world, Otherside Picnic has some cool sci-fi elements too. The main characters use smartphones to keep in touch across dimensions which is pretty handy.

There are also government conspiracies to weaponize the abilities of people who visit the Otherside. So modern tech plays a big role in the characters’ supernatural adventures!

9: Muv-Luv Alternative

There’s this high school guy named Takeru who keeps living the same weeks over and over again. But each time, more crazy alien invaders show up outta nowhere!

First, it’s just normal school days, then giant robots fighting aliens. Finally, it’s like a total alien apocalypse.

Takeru uses what he learns to try and save Earth across the different wacky timelines.

Lots of sci-fi action with robots and aliens are featured in this anime making it Isekai with modern technology. It’s Isekai with time loops rather than going to another world, but still counts.

8: Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

Looking for a confidence boost tale within the Isekai genre? Watching Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online will do it efficiently.

Gun Gale Online is about this super tall girl called Karen who becomes a cute short avatar called Llenn in a VR battle game.

Llenn proves she’s got mad skills with her cool P90 gun, getting famous in the big tournament.

 The VR world and guns are sweet sci-fi stuff and It’s a fun Isekai for specifically gamers, who dreams to shine in their real lives one day.

7: I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in The Real World, Too

In the Zero to Hero storyline, we have “I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in The Real World, Too” which beautifully demonstrates a Sci-fi theme with the most straightforward plot.

Yuuya is a wholesome boy who is bullied at school and feels ignored at home due to her fat looks. Fortunately, after moving to his grandpa’s old house, he finds a strange portal.

Here he got a cheat sci-fi or modern cheat skill, that instantly modifies his looks charismatically.

It doesn’t have specific sci-fi elements, but his cheat skill works more like a tech gadget, than magic. He can open his skill menu, store drop items and even use it like a touch screen.

6: In Another World With My Smartphone

It’s a fun isekai where the MC’s smartphone connection to our modern world really shakes things up!

The protagonist Touya dies but luckily God lets him be reborn in a fantasy world with his trusty smartphone.

Touya uses all kinds of cool apps and features from his phone in his new magical life, like the camera, map, and encyclopedia to learn about this new world.

He can even chat with his earth friends. His modern know-how helps him solve problems and create innovations with magic and tech working together.

5: Date A Live

Now it’s time to hit an anime consisting of a combo genre, where you get, ecchi, harem, Isekai, mecha, school, romance, action, and magic. yup, it’s hard to count but this anime literally fits in each of the above genres.

Date A Live is about this high school kid Shido who meets super-powered girls called Spirits that keep appearing in his city and causing major destruction.

So Shido gets recruited by a top-secret org to obliterate this threat by using weird approach.

He’s tasked to make the spirits fall in love with him and kiss him which somehow makes their powers disappear.

Even though Date A Live is like a romantic comedy harem anime, it has some really cool sci-fi elements too.

The Spirit girls have awesome supernatural powers, and the organization Shido works with has futuristic technology to fight them and study their abilities.

4: Combatants Will Be Dispatched

 Combatants Will Be Dispatched

Don’t laugh but in this Isekai anime mc uses modern tech to fool around people, like he ends up selling smart phones in another world pretending it works magically.

Combatants Will Be Dispatched is about a bunch of crazy wacky agents from an evil organization who get transported to a fantasy world to try and take it over.

The main characters Agent 6 bring all his advanced tech and weapons to give them an edge in this magical land.

There’s lots of goofy fish-out-of-water comedy with the agents clashing with a medieval society. it’s really worth checking out.

3: OverLoad

overload vr game anime

Overlord gives a fresh take on Isekai while showing the immersive potential of VR technology. Usually, Isekai revolves around gaming worlds, but this anime takes this theme one step forward.

When a popular VR game gets shut down, one player named Momonga decides to stay logged in until the very end.

But when the game world continues on, Momonga realizes he’s now trapped in the body of his powerful wizard avatar.

There’s tons of cool fantasy action as he summons skeleton armies and mythical beasts in this VR game world.

2: Hinamatsuri

Hinamatsuri telekinetic girl

As you know, most of the Isekai animes come with ecchi stuff, but thankfully, this anime focuses on goofy comedy and odd couple dynamics.

Mark my words; you’ll be thankful that you give this anime a chance.

Hinamatsuri features a super powerful psychic girl named Hina who randomly shows up in gangster Nitta’s apartment one day.

He’s got crazy strong telekinetic powers but acts like a lazy kid. Nitta has to take care of her while dealing with his dangerous yakuza lifestyle.

The psychic powers give Hinamatsuri a fun sci-fi aspect and Hina feels like an alien trying to fit into the modern world which is very fun to watch.

1: Seven Senses of the Re’Union

According to our query of the best Isekai anime with modern technology, this anime fits perfectly in every aspect.

It’s a top-notch production by Lierche Studios, the production studio of famous Isekai “Jobless Reincarnation or Moshoku Tensei.

Seven Senses follows Asahi who wakes up in a strange virtual world with no memories.

He joins up with these mysterious ghosts to try and recover his past while fighting killer robots with high-tech weapons and gear.

Turns out, Asahi is actually a soldier sent to this digital world called Union to stop an evil virus threatening the real world’s internet.

The combo of futuristic virtual technology blended with supernatural elements gives Seven Senses a unique spin on Isekai anime.

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