10  Most Underrated Isekai Anime That Are Worth Watching

The most underrated Isekai anime seems to slip under the radar of many anime fans despite having similarities with the popular ones. Why they underwent the carpet is a total mystery to me while animes like Arifureta which is demi good, becomes famous.

I can assure you that these anime I am talking about possesses all the fragments that are necessary for an anime to succeed like a unique storyline, admirable characters, and watch-worthy animations.

These underrated Isekai anime provide entertaining adventures that many fans may enjoy exploring if given a chance.

10: Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill

Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill is underrated isekai anime

Despite being created by renowned Mappa Studios, this has failed to grab the attention due to its more calm or unique storyline. However, for slice of life genre lovers, this story might do wonders for them.

This show follows Tsuyoshi, a regular dude in Tokyo. One day he gets transported to some magic kingdom called Reijseger. He’s freaked but the royals are like “you’re a hero now!”. Tsuyoshi ain’t buyin’ it til he learns his power is online delivery from Japan.

His bomb Japanese cooking blows everyone away. Word spreads and he gets famous, even impressing some wolf babe named Fenrir. They start travelling together, kicking butt and filling their faces while making bank trading his goods. Turns out Tsuyoshi’s “lame” power is pretty sweet as they save folks between meals!

9: How Not to Summon The Demon Lord

How Not to Summon The Demon Lord is underrated ecchi isekai anime

Takuma is transported to a fantasy world while gaming. He takes the form of his overpowered wizard character, Demon Lord Diablo. Two girls, Rem and Shera, attempt to control Diablo using magic but fail. Diablo decides to help them in return for Rem healing a rare status ailment.

Though constantly perverted, Diablo proves to be extremely powerful. Despite containing high amounts of fanservice comedy and deep game world exploration, this isekai anime is underrated. It provides a humorous take on classic isekai tropes through Diablo’s interactions with the girls and inhabitants.

The action scenes are well-animated and balanced with ecchi gags. Overall, it’s an entertaining escapist story that parodies the genre in a self-aware manner.

8: So I am a spider so what

So I am a spider so what is very good anime with less popularity

Many of you must have watched the famous Isekai anime “That Time I Reincarnated as a Slime” but you haven’t seen this anime around “So I am a spider so what” which as good as slime anime with just a few differences.

It started when a high school student was struck by a car accident while crossing the street. When she finally opened her eyes, she was in a strange place in the form of a tiny spider. It won’t be easy for a lowly spider to survive in a world full of dangers where even a small mistake or carelessness can cost her a life.

Unlike many other Isekai’s you won’t be seeing an OP protagonist who can have anything in this fantasy world. I think this underrated isekai stands out for its more realistic approach which is definitely not very pleasing for fantasy lovers.

7: Skeleton Knight in Another World

Skeleton Knight in Another World is isekai anime with wholesome protagonist

People who love watching MC going the goody two-shoe path should give this anime a shot. It’s not like this isekai anime is not popular however, it hasn’t grabbed the attention like overload “a dark isekai aime.”

When John woke up, he found himself in the game as Arc the Skeleton! Weird, but the lands of Luvierte looked cool. With his super-strong magic, he decided to help folks as an adventurer. Making cash on quests, he explored forests and lakes, beat up bad guys, and helped anyone in need.

But then he learned some big trouble was coming. Whoops, maybe all that questing got poor Arc mixed up in a major dilemma!

6: Parallel World Pharmacy

Parallel World Pharmacy is a smooth underrated isekai anime like doctor stone

I can’t surely say that every Isekai fan should watch this quite underrated anime but medical students should give this anime a chance. While it was airing in 2022 it was one of the most trending anime, however after its runtime, nobody really even knew the existence of this anime.

A boy named Falma was born with special gifts for healing. In a past life, as Kanji Yakutani, he lost his sister to illness and dedicated himself to medicine. Reborn as Falma, he saw that common folk lacked healthcare.

By merging memories from Kanji with his divine powers, Falma sought to create affordable treatments for all. He would study ancient methods and reinvent medicine through compassion so that social class no longer prevented people from finding relief from their suffering. I bet you won’t find a wholesome storyline other than this anime.

5: Handyman Saitou in Another World

Handyman Saitou in Another World

With its blend of comedy, adventure, developing romance and wholesome moments for both kids and adults, this story excels at entertainment. It has a great audience but it should have been praised more for its natural seinen storyline.

Saitou was a simple handyman until mysteriously transported to a magical medieval land. To survive, they joined a bizarre band containing a fighter, wizard, and fairy queen. Despite a lack of skills, Saitou’s heart proved their true worth by saving friends from attackers.

From then on, everyone agreed that however unusual, a handyman’s help was always invaluable to have around. However, this story puts more focus on micro events than giving all the limelight to the protagonist which is kind of a good thing.

4: .hack//Sign

Hack Sign in old school isekai anime with less audience

In the race of awesome storytelling, you have to admit that nothing can beat an old school anime, if you do not agree with me, just give a shot to this .hack//Sign anime which will clear why I am using such heavy words for this anime.

Hack//Sign focused on a boy named Tsukasa who found himself trapped inside the popular online RPG game The World. Along with his new friends Subaru, Mimiru, and Bear, Tsukasa worked to uncover why he was stuck in-game and how to return to reality.

The anime was unique in how it seamlessly blended both the game world storylines and missions with the emotional real-life drama Tsukasa and others experienced. After watching this anime you’ll realize that sword art online and Log Horizon is just a better version of this anime with attractive animations.

3: Life With an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated Into a Total Fantasy Knockout

Life With an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated Into a Total Fantasy Knockout is a rom-com isekai anime

After reading its title, I literally felt like maybe I had read the title wrong or it had some other meaning within it. But I realized within a single episode that it’s the same as given in the title.

Hinata and Tsukasa were having a normal day until suddenly, whoosh, they found themselves somewhere super weird. Even weirder, Hinata looked totally different – blonde hair and blue eyes now! Tsukasa was floored by how cute she looked.

They still liked each other a lot though. Working together, they had to battle the Big Bad Demon to try and get back home. And back to how things were between best buds. Whether you like it or not, you have to admit that it’s the most unique or bizarre storyline among the list of most underrated isekai anime.

2: Now and then, Here and There

Now and then, Here and There is a superb isekai anime that is quite underrated

Is dark and unpredictable isekai your thing? Then “Now and Then, Here and There” is for you! Shu is just a regular kid until one day he’s suddenly transported to a barren wasteland world. It’s a grim future where water and resources are scarce.

People struggle to survive each day as child soldiers round them up. Shu meets a young girl named Lala-Ru who shows him the harsh reality. With his modern-world knowledge, can Shu help improve lives in this dystopian land?

This psychological thriller will mess with your emotions as it explores heavy themes of war, environmental collapse, and what it means to be human. Its unpredictable nature guarantees you’ll be hooked. For me, this is the most underrated isekai anime just for being old.

1: Sonny Boy

Sonny Boy is the most underrated isekai anime with a unique art style

Sonny Boy is a unique isekai show that will make you wonder why I wasn’t aware of this anime by Mad House. The story starts normal – a group of high schoolers are on a trip. But suddenly they find themselves in a strange empty town with no memories of how they got there.

Weird stuff starts happening too. To make things more puzzling, the laws of nature don’t seem to apply anymore! The show is really artistic with confusing events. It’ll keep you guessing about what’s real.

Though the plot is tricky to follow, the message about life’s big questions like purpose and identity are interesting. With its strange world and mysteries, Sonny Boy is an isekai like no other – definitely, a worth-watching underrated Isekai that you should not miss.


It varies from person to person what he likes in what. For me these isekai animes are the most underrated for how much potential they had.