10 Best Anime With Dungeons That Are Watch Worthy

One of the most admirable traits of anime is its exciting fantasy worlds and explorations of dungeons. These anime with dungeons are full of dangerous monsters but also have valuable treasures. Viewers follow the adventures of groups as they navigate huge dungeon places with many exciting levels.

It’s exciting as they take risks to find riches deep below imaginary cities. Fans love how the dungeon exploring is an important part of the exciting stories. So let’s break down a brief list of anime that features dungeons.

10: Goblin Slayer

goblin slayer anime is all about killing goblins in dungeons

This anime follows the adventures of a group of dungeon explorers. Equipped with only their wits and courage, the explorers delve deep into mysterious dungeons filled with dangers at every turn. Through their exploration of the dangerous dungeons, they grow in experience and teamwork. The explorers must work together to survive and uncover the mysteries of the dreadful dungeons they explore.

This gripping anime with dungeons keeps you on the edge of your seat as a team of brave explorers venture into terrifying yet unknown depths. Filled with suspense around every corner, it’s an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride not to be missed for action and adventure lovers.

9: So I’m a Spider, so What?

So I'm a Spider, so What? portrays a struggling journey of spider in dreadful dungeon

This anime follows a seriously crazy premise – a high school girl dies in a bus accident and gets reincarnated as a tiny spider monster. Her new home is a massive, terrifying dungeon full of monsters way stronger than her.

Just trying not to become someone’s lunch would be tough enough, but our little spider is determined to level up and explore deeper. Each floor presents new dangers, but unraveling the dungeon’s secrets is her only hope. It’s a quite underrated isekai tale as she battles unfathomable beasts and mysterious forces within the dreadful depths.

8: The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter is a ecchi anime with dungeons

Noir belonged to a poor noble family and had just lost his only job prospect. By chance, he discovered a legendary hidden dungeon, packed with treasure but dangerously off-limits. Even better – he learned he possessed a special talent allowing him to customize badass abilities. To power up, he must indulge in life’s finest pleasures, like cooking up a storm and enjoying beautiful company.

While anime with dungeons is commonly known for adventurous journeys, this anime portrays adventure with a lewd ecchi theme. Whether you’re an adventure anime fan or an ecchi fan, you have no reason to skip this anime.

7: The Dungeon of Black Company

The Dungeon of Black Company is anime with business theme

This isekai with unique plot follows Kinji, a lazy corporate worker who’s mysteriously transported to a fantasy world. He’s forced to work in a grueling mining company inside a dangerous dungeon to make a living but this otherworld protagonist refuses to surrender to his fate and begins scheming to become rich.

It’s one of the rarest isekai anime that blends adventure with business much like the famous isekai “Rising of the Sheild Hero”. This isekai anime with dungeons stands out by focusing on corporate life in a fantasy world, where the protagonist must adapt to harsh dungeon work conditions, making it a distinctive and comedic isekai series.

6: In Another World I got a Cheat Skill

In Another World I got a Cheat Skill is otherworld anime with a world alike dungeons

Yuuya was unhappy due to bullying from society and his siblings for his ugly looks. Recently he was moved into his grandfather’s house where he found a mysterious gateway to another world. This otherworld is just like a dungeon where monsters and dangers lours. Working hard in this dungeon-like world has transformed Yuuya from a fatty geek to a hot lad.

Otherworld is not officially a dungeon but works just like a raplicate. It’s a pretty straightforward sci-fi isekai with quite vibrant animations. Fans have admired this Isekai for its super relaxing plot and cool aesthetics.

5: Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online portrays a virtual world featured with dungeons

Sword Art Online is a popular Japanese anime that transports players into a virtual MMORPG world. In the game named Sword Art Online, the players discover that they cannot log out until they complete all 100 levels of the floating castle known as Aincrad.

The protagonist Kirito and others delve deep into various dungeons from forests to lava caverns as they strive to climb to the top. Unlike many cheap isekai’s sword art online is vastly known for its detailed gaming world exploration.

4: Arifureta

Arifureta is all about struggle in dungeon

Arifureta follows Hajime Nagumo, a weak protagonist who gets humiliated and betrayed by his party during a dungeon exploration. His party abandoned him in deep down lybrinth assuming him dead, but Hajime survives. Now a dark hero, Hajime ventures back into the treacherous dungeons to grow even more powerful while also seeking vengeance on those who betrayed him.

If you like an op hero with antihero stats, Arifureta is totally worth watching anime with dungeons that features a detailed exploration of the dungeon. However, you may find its CGI animation a little irritating but overall it’s a worth watching self-growth tale.

3: Log Horizon

log horizon anime

Log Horizon is a riveting isekai that transports MMORPG players into the game world of Elder Tale. Over 30,000 people find their avatars are permanent. Through the cunning strategist Shiroe, players band together to survive. Shiroe’s guild adeptly explores the vast, dangerous dungeons spanning beneath the capital city to acquire rare items and understanding of their new reality.

The anime faithfully captures the heart-pounding suspense of navigating treacherous dungeon locales. This isekai anime without harem or ecchi element immerse viewers in its virtual world and social experiments, keeping them on their toes all the time.

2: Magi

Magi is about finding treasure from a dungeon in arabian style

Aladdin, a young magician with control over air, embarks on an epic journey to explore the vast underground dungeon beneath the kingdom of Sindria. Within the treacherous labyrinth lies untold wealth and secrets of ages past. Accompanied by his companions, Aladdin bravely faces many challenges in his dungeon dives.

One thing that will leave your mouth open is this anime’s visuals in Arabian style, which make this a unique anime with dungeons to watch. Whether you love quality animations or in-depth storylines, I am pretty confident you’ll love to watch this anime.

1: Danmachi

Danmachi anime with best anime with all about dungeons

For the sake of getting recognized by society, Bell Cranel joins the family of goddess Hestia. Unfortunately till now Hestia family is the weakest family among others and Bell is the only member of it. Bell, a novice adventurer embarks on the journey of dreadful dungeon exploration to be recognized as a successful adventurer.

From the description, this anime may look like a straightforward anime but believe me it’s super twisted. At many moments it will make you think how Bell is going to get rid of this deadly situation until he somehow made it. If you’re looking for a long anime with all about dungeons explorations that feel like a rough adventure, Danmachi or “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” is worth watching at every cost.


I am sure there are some anime with dungeons I have missed including in this list because I have tried to include shows that deeply explore the dungeon with a watch-worthy plot. This is my personal ranking or thoughts on these animes after watching each of them over the years.