8 Romantically Saddest Slice Of Life Anime That Will Make You Cry

Slice-of-life genre tells characters’ personal stories that lead animes to some natural and realistic storylines. As we know, in reality, life is an uphill battle, Slice-of-life anime storyline usually leads to a sadistic storyline. In this genre of anime, we get to see the daily comforting life events of its characters with little to no underlying plot tying the storyline together. These events and day-to-day character developments build an indestructible and relatable connection of the audience with the cast.

While considering the Slice-of-life genre a hub of romantic anime characters, the audience feels like they get to know these characters more personally to grow more alongside them. Just like humans go through immeasurable pain, suffering, and tragic times, We are presenting you the most saddest Slice-of-life animes that’ll make you cry out loud while teaching you some true-to-life experiences. Ignoring the cute and simplistic character appearances let’s hit the road to the saddest anime of the Slice-of-life 9: genre.

8: Orange

orange slice of life romance anime

Synopsis: The story features a girl named Naho Takamiya, a 16 years old high schooler. One day she receives a horrible letter from her future self, which was about the suicidal death of Kakeru Naruse. Who is a new transfer student currently dealing with enormous depression. After realizing the future event before time, Naho Takamiya has to find ways to prevent Kakeru Naruse from dying.

Orange is a kind of wholesome story of friendship, romance, depression, and unrequited love with little to no objection. If you’re looking for sad Slice-of-life anime which holds, great suspense, and trauma, you can consider Orange worthy of your while.

My Anime List rating: 7.6/10

Episodes: 13

7: Bloom Into you

Synopsis: Yū has always loves shoujo manga and eagerly waits for warm love confession for her to feel over the moon. But when the time comes and one of her classmates finally confesses to her, she feels nothing but disappointed and confused. Time flowed and she finally sees her high school present named Nanami turning down the confession of a student with much maturity. She instantly gets inspired by Nanami’s calm and collective act but the next person to confess to Yū was Nanami herself.

Bloom Into You is not a very depressing anime but features the sadistic feelings of both girls which they develop and overcome within the anime.

My Anime List rating: 7.9/10

Episodes: 13

6: March Comes In Like A Lion

Synopsis: Having reached the professional status of an elite Shogi player in his teenage started causing problems for Rei. Due to this popularity, Rei faces an enormous amount of pressure from his adoptive family and Shogi community. To seek independence he moves to Tokyo, but due to depression, he tends to take poor care of himself. Things changed when he get to meet the Kawamoto sisters. They swore to help Rei fight his depression and loneliness. Now rei needs to learn how to interact with his surroundings while fighting depression.

The Sadistic Slice-of-life show draws light on how depression can lead someone’s life to bleakness and loneliness. Watching this sad anime can make the audience aware of depressing obstacles and small victories over depression.

My Anime List rating: 8.4/10

Episodes: 44 (2 seasons)

5: I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

saddest slice of life anime

Synopsis: Haruki Shiga the Protagonist finds the personal diary of his classmate Sakura Yamauchi in a hospital. He accidentally became aware of her terminal illness of the pancreas. Sakura explains that he’s the only person apart from her family to know her secret. Haruki promises to keep her secret safe. Through time-to-time interactions, despite their opposite personalities they decided to be together during her few months remaining span of life.

As Sakura has little to no time to live, you can’t expect this love story with a wholesome closure. The dense bond between both characters and romantic but empty feelings can lead any fan to cry out loud, so watch out.

My Anime List rating: 8.6

Episodes: Solo Movie

4: Anohana

Synopsis: The death of Meiko Honma grow apart the group of five friends. The group leader Jinta Yadomi neglects high school when he unexpectedly starts seeing the ghost of Meiko Honma. What annoys him more is that he is the only one who can interact and see her. The ulterior motive of her return is to convince Jinta to fulfill her forgotten wish which she made as a kid long ago. Fulfilling Meiko’s wish forces the besprent group to unite once again.

While talking about a depressing and saddest slice-of-life anime, no one can forget Anohana which portrays a dreadful plot of past feelings of shame, sorrow, and regrets one can make.

My Anime List rating: 8.3/10

Episodes: 11

3: A Silent Voice

a silent voice

Synopsis: As a wild youth, Shouya Ishida and his classmate start beating their boredom by bullying the newly transferred deaf girl Nishimiya. Eventually, her mother notifies and blamed Ishida alone for his bully. His friend boycotts him after the Nishimiya incident. Now in the third year of high school, Ishida still regrets his past wrongdoings. After crossing paths with Nishimiya once again, he embarks on a journey of redemption for his cruel acts.

A Silent Voice is sadistic romance anime featuring the regrets of wrongdoings one can face just like Karma. Even though its ending is warm but you get to see the cruel deeds of creatures that are called friends.

My Anime List rating: 8.9/10

Episodes: Solo Movies

2: Violet Evergarden

violet evergarden

Synopsis: After being used in war’s final leg, a girl who is raised to just fight decides to leave the battlefield and starts a new life at CH Postal Service. Now she’s deeply inspired by the work of “auto memories dolls” who interpret people’s thoughts into words. She began her journey as an Auto memory doll to understand the meaning of the last words of her dear one.

Violet Evergarden is a masterpiece for the audience who is hungry for thoughtful character development along with a sadistic slice-of-life storyline to which they can relate.

My Anime List rating: 8.4/10

Episodes: 13

1: Clanned: After Story

Synopsis: After a few months of Tomoya’s love confession to Nagisa, life continues for Tomoya as he is experiencing a variety of different people in his second semester. As their relationship is in a new stage of intimacy unlike before, Tomoya and Nagisa begin their own family together. As they’re entering in mature and practical life, dreadful challenges of life are gathered to break the couple apart.

To be honest, even hardcore can’t get themselves together at certain points of this most depressing and saddest slice-of-life anime. I would recommend you start from its prequel to experience the practical life obstacles in the form of this sadistic anime.

My Anime List rating: 8.9/10

Episodes: 47 (season 1 = 24, season 2 = 23)

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