Top 11 Anime Where Mc Has No Love Interests

When it comes to anime, most of the time the MC (main character) is shown falling in love with someone which becomes an integral part of the story. However, there are some exceptional anime shows where the MC has no love interests.

These unique anime focuses solely on the MC and their journey, escaping the typical shonen tropes. The character is able to develop deeply without distraction and the story is able to explore more thought-provoking topics and complex themes. If you’re tired of watching protagonists with romance and caring natures, it’s worth checking these freaks with zero emotional bonding.

11: To Your Eternity

MC: Fushi

To Your Eternity is a deeply philosophical anime that follows Fushi, a mysterious entity who was created to observe human lives. Taking different forms, Fushi experiences joy, pain, and relationships over centuries.

Through these encounters, Fushi learns what it means to be alive and searches for their purpose. Lacking human desires like romance, Fushi bonds strongly with people in selfless, parental roles rather than lovers. This allows the profound tale to focus solely on Fushi’s emotional journey where Fushi has no love interests.

10: Goblin Slayer

MC: Goblin Slayer

In a dark fantasy world with dungeons, goblins bring death and ruin. Goblin Slayer the emotionally wounded hero vowed revenge after they killed his sister. He is an unconventional hero who solely focuses on meticulously hunting and slaying goblins.

Along with other adventurers, Goblin Slayer takes quests to dismantle the goblin threat. This is a harem anime where mc has no love interest however, many female characters possess feelings for the MC.

9: Blue Lock

MC: Isagi Yoichi

Blue Lock follows 300 strikers battling in a cutthroat training camp to become Japan’s hope to win the World Cup. Isagi Yoichi enters with little skill but a strong spirit. Through ruthless battles against peers, he must outplay opponents in mind and body.

Developing cunning tactics and rising above others is his sole motivator, for the camp allows no distractions from its goal. Blue is 2022’s one of the best sports anime where mc has no love interests. Fun fact; Whole anime is romance less.

8: Ranking of Kings

Mc: Bojji

In a kingdom where strength determines rule, deaf-mute prince Bojji aims to prove his worth through kindness alone. On his quest to battle the all-powerful Ranking Dragon and unite his land, Bojji forms an unbreakable bond with his loyal friend Kage.

Yet amid fantastical encounters on his journey in this unique art style anime, Bojji remains devoted only to gaining his father’s respect, with his pure heart focused entirely on serving his people rather than personal desires like love that could distract from his meaningful mission of leadership through compassion. If you’re looking for a unique art style seinen thriller anime where mc has no love interests, Ranking of Kings by WitStudios is a perfect choice.

7: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

MC: Kusuo Saiki

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K follows psychic high schooler Kusuo Saiki, who sees his immense yet undesirable powers as nothing but trouble. All he wants is a normal academic career, but keeping his abilities under wraps from his ditzy classmates proves challenging.

Amid hilarious exploits navigating everyday issues with his offbeat friends, Saiki remains far too preoccupied with maintaining his low-profile anonymity to entertain things like romance. If you want lots of comedy with slice of life touch avoiding romance, this anime is best to watch.

6: Barakamon

MC: Seishuu Handa

In Barakamon, strict calligrapher Seishuu Handa is sent to a small island as penalty for his actions. There, interacting with the laidback locals like young Naru expands his rigid worldview. Through bonding over village festivals and scenic nature, Handa’s tough exterior gradually softens.

His sole aim ashore is cultivating an eased spirit, finding solace through the ocean breeze rather than fleeting romance. This anime displays a journey of self-rediscovery where mc has no love interests.

5: Zombie Land Saga

MC: Sakura Minamoto

Zombie Land Saga is a horror comedy anime that follows the undead idol group Franchouchou, led by the ambitious zombie Sakura Minamoto. Resurrected to revive her hometown, Sakura rallies her group of deceased divas to pursue their deferred dreams.

Through honing their singing, dancing, and dealing with being zombies, bonds are strengthened between these ‘sisters.’ And while bringing joy to fans, Sakura stays dedicated to the group’s growth rather than romance. For her, no Love Live matters more than Franchouchou’s life on stage.

4: Dr. Stone

MC: Senku

In the post-apocalyptic world of Dr. Stone, genius scientist Senku Ishigami is focused solely on reviving civilization through his beloved science. Awakening to find all humans mineralized, his keen mind gets to work experimenting, engineering and rallying companions to once more illuminate mankind’s ingenuity.

While rebuilding what was lost leverage by leverage, Senku’s passion lies not with romance but seeing each simple discovery compound into society’s restoration. Some supporting characters of this anime has love interests but Senku the MC has no love interest in this tale.

3: Eminence in Shadow

MC: Cide Kagenu

Reborn in a fantasy realm after a tragic end, Cid Kagenu’s dreams of covert domination live on. Maintaining a mild facade, he employs rare magic skillfully gained to establish the hidden ‘Shadow Garden.’ Though convinced it’s all imagined, Cid ignites a war with sinister ‘Diablos’ from the dark mirrors of his mind.

This is one of the best Isekai anime that does contain lots of romance and fanservice but all romance that happened by Cid is solely for schemy purposes. With no time for romance amid secrets and schemes, his focus stays singular – to influence every intrigue as an unseen master of manipulation and become the shadowy legend he always envisioned.

2: 91 Days

MC: Angelo Lagusa

Beneath the smoky streets of Prohibition Chicago lies a story of retribution. Angelo Lagusa once knew love, until the Vanetti mafia stole all he held dear. Now, calling upon a dead man’s name, he joins their ranks to get close enough to destroy them.

91 Days is an awesome short crime thriller anime where the vengeful MC has no love interest. If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, 91 days anime is recommended for you.

1: Death Note

MC: Light Yagami

Light Yagami is a brilliant teen bored with a mundane world – until a mysterious black notebook falls into his hands. Finding it grants the power to kill with a mere name, Light sees the perfect tool to craft a utopia of his design.

With no time for romance in his grand quest for justice, Death Note is an highschool anime where this cold MC has no love interests. For me, Death Note was the masterpiece that has told us even without romance, a story can do wonders.