Top 15 Anime Opening Songs Ranked (Old To Latest)

As we know, there are countless anime releases every year. Each anime has a memorable opening song according to its theme and genre, highlighting some stunning anime shots. Every anime try to present second-to-none anime opening songs to help consumers understand what they’re getting into, in a fun way. From the ’90s until today, anime fans have witnessed many grand anime opening songs. And without a doubt, the quality is constantly increasing. Therefore we have ranked the most ancient to brand-new openings on behalf of their quality.

Without roasting the audience more, let’s dive into the musical hierarchy of some best anime openings the fans have ever witnessed.

15: Divine Gate

Divine Gate is a sci-fi, action-fantasy anime released in 2016 by Pierrot Studios. This anime hasn’t cached much attention of anime fans unlike its opening song, which is considered one of the best anime openings among fans.

Divine Gate’s opening name is “One-Me-Two Hearts” sung by Hitorie, which is a sweat to the ears while listening on high base.

14: Domestic Girlfriend

Domestic Girlfriend is a 2019 s R+ rated drama-romance anime series animated by Diomedea Studios. Once you forced yourself to hear its first 20 seconds, its rhythm along with the animation will tie you focused till its end.

Its name is “Kawaki wo Ameku” by Minami. You got to admit that its tone with animation will push you to dive into the story. And that is a quality of the best anime opening songs.

13: Violet Evergarden

If you’re a Slice-of-Life anime lover, Violet Evergarden is inevitable to miss from someone like you. Violet Evergarden is a beautifully animated 2018 saddest drama fantasy anime, focused on the character of an ex-soldier.

Its name is “Sincerely” sung by Miho Karasawa, it’s a 12th single released by her. Just like anime, the opening theme is good enough to prepare you for the upcoming sadistic slice-of-life storyline of anime.

12: Samurai Champloo

People who have watched Samurai Champloo are called true hard-core hip-hop fans. Shin’ichirô Watanabe is the director of Samurai Champloo and Cowboy bebop. Samurai Champloo is mostly famous for its soundtrack, comedian but badass characters, and adventurous storyline.

Its opening song “Battle-cry” by Nujabes feat is the actual selling point of this top anime series for adults. That never ran short on R-rated jokes. These are the reasons why Samurai Champloo is a top anime for even adults to watch.

11: Jobless Reincarnation

Jobless Reincarnation is a 2021 adventure, drama anime with light comedy. It is a one of the best inspirational anime storyline in which the main character embarks on a journey to home after teleporting in anonymous reign by chance.

If you’re in search of a wholesome kind of melody then “Tabibito no Uta” by Yuiko Ohara is surely recommended for you. You must have known how hard it’s to find soft music in a world full of hip hop.

10: Death Note

It’s impossible for psychological genre anime lovers to miss out Death Note. As die-hard anime fans, how can we forget the Madhouse Studios 2006 production “Death Note”? Even Death Note may have faded from our memories but can’t wash out the memories of the badass anime character, “Yagami Light”.

The top anime opening song “The World” by Nightmare was a key selling point of Death Note along with a psychological thriller storyline.

9: Jojo Bizarre Adventures

Jojo Bizarre Adventures is a pretty long-running anime, which definitely has a total of 8 anime openings. In case you don’t know, “Jojo Bizarre Adventures” is one of the most expensive anime series full of adventures and action scenes.

From its many openings, the best opening song of this anime is “Bloody Stream” by Coda. It has all the qualities like its visuals that match the sound in a catchy way along with soft lyrics.

8: Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is 2019 one of the best anime series and is highly praised for its finest animations and unique characters. It’s pretty hard for us fans to pick one best from Op 1 and Op 3.

But commonly audience ends up selecting its very first opening anime song “Gurenge” by Lisa. I would highly recommend watching its first season ep 19 for best soundtrack along with supreme animations by Ufotable. Episode 19 fight resemblance with the soundtrack is the best moment of Demon Slayer in anime history.

7: Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works

Fate stay night unlimited blade works is a 2014 action-fantasy series by Ufotable that has won the hearts of the audience for its best animations.

Fate stay night unlimited blade works op 2 “Brave Shine” by Aimer Tv anime reflects the animation quality along with its soft but attractive lyrics.

6: Black Clover

Black Clover is 2017 action-adventure series featuring 2 orphans who embark on a journey to becoming Wizard King. Since it has 170 episodes till today, it has delivered us 13 opening themes.

Till now “Vickeblanka” by Black Catcher is the most catchy anime opening of Black Clover, which you can listen to multiple times without getting bored.

5: Full-Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Full metal Alchemist is 2009 one of the highest-rated anime series produced by studio Bones. The journey of 2 brothers to find the Philosopher’s stone is rated above 9 on IMDb and My Anime List ratings.

Surprisingly from more than 5 openings, it’s very first opening “Again” by Yui is the most satisfying anime opening among fans.

4: Hell’s Paradise

Hell’s Paradise is best action anime of 2023 so far created by Mappa Studios. It is a journey of Gabimaru the Hollow to find the Elixir Of Life, to live a crime-free life with his wife.

WORK” by millennium parade and Shiina RingoJigokuraku with hardcore music, reflects the nature of anime very well. Even if you are just an ordinary fan, Hell’s Paradise is a worthy anime of your while.

3: Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is 2014 anime with the best storyline by Pierrot Studios. This is a horror-Sci fi tale of Ken Kaneki who is struggling to remain a human after becoming a half Ghoul.

Tokyo Ghoul’s first opening song “Unravel” by Tk is an authentic anime song totally relevant to the struggles of Ken Kaneki. That serves the best purpose of being opening.

2: Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan does not require any introduction itself. It’s history’s one of the most depressing anime featuring some badass characters of anime like Levi and Eren Yeager.  For newbies, it’s an anime where even the main characters get killed by some tragedy after serving their purpose.

However, it has a total of 8 anime openings but the favorite among the fans is “Guren no Yumiya” by Linked Horizon. A theme song totally reflects the atmosphere of the plot without holding anything back. It’s funny that this opening song is toned like motivation but actually represents a depressing anime.

1: Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is a production of Mappa Studios, which are not holding back on their projects. At this point, many hardcore fans would disagree to rank Vinland saga’s opening 2 above the mighty Attack on Titan and others.

Listening to “Dark Crow” by MAN WITH A MISSION will force you to make a biased decision. The initials of the opening song, high tones, lyrics, and animation all are treats to watch. And I can guarantee it, you can watch it countless times without getting bored. Ranking the mighty ones on top would be easy neglecting the query of ranking the top 15 anime opening songs.

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