Demon Slayer Best Moments Off All Time

So far Demon Slayer has taken the world by storm with its best moments as quality animations, detailed sparkling fight scenes, and an interesting storyline. Demon Slayer repo was already good enough with its manga 150 million sold copies, to begin with, and its blazing first season sets the bars very high for the beginning of an anime.

All thanks to Ufotable Studio who has invested almost $80k on each episode of the first season to make it one of the most expensive anime. From the beginning of anime, Demon Slayer has given us multiple iconic fights and visual moments that are still remained in our memories even after years.

And after the roaring success of 2020’s pandemic successor film Demon Slayer Mugen Train or infinity train, fans were expecting season 3 to breach its previous limits. Analyzing Demon Slayer’s best moments for now is too early as the anime has long journey a ahead in the form of Infinity Castle and the final sunrise countdown arc.

Even within half of its journey, you can find countless Demon Slayer’s best moments to talk about in detail. So leaving the care of upcoming projects, let’s figure out the available iconic moments of Demon Slayer.

10: Zenitsu became useful in sudden

The people who haven’t watched manga would have no idea about the potential of freaky dude “Zenitsu”. We were just hoping for a miracle to happen when Zenitsu and the younger boy were struggling to run away from a long tongue demon in the first season when Zenitsu freaked out into god mode out of a sudden.

That thunderclap and the flash moment were totally menacing moments of freaky dude. Honestly, just anime watchers were not expecting this sort of potential from Zenitsu the boy who always freaks out. After that Zenitsu has provided many best moments in Demon Slayer so far but the first one was iconic.

9: Nezuko awakened during a fight with Daki

In the last of the sixth episode of Demon Slayer season 2, when Nezuko was chopped by Daki, nobody was expecting such kind of awakening from mighty Nezuko. We got to admit the brilliance of Ufotable, how they give such a nerdy awakening to Nezuko.

Even Daki was surprised at how she was surpassed by Nezuko in a race of potential. And the blood demon art of Nezuko’s was full of sparkling fire along with soccer kicks.

8: Inosuke moving his organs

When Gyutaro talked about the final blow to the boars’ boy’s heart, people who hadn’t read manga would have given farewell to Inosuke. But while fighting Daki alongside Zenitsu he revealed moving his organs is childsplay for him as he has raised in the mountains.
It was funny to admit but still counts as Demon Slayer’s best moment that gives fans a new reason to praise lord Inosuke.

7: Tanjiro pierced Akaza from far range

Even though the ending of Mugan Train was very unusual for just anime fans, Tanjiro’s long-distance strike was helpful for fans to redeem Kyojiro’s death a little bit. it make fans happy how Akaza was pissed because of Tanjiro’s emotional bully. I remember that I had watched this scene almost thrice constantly to fully enjoy the moment.

6: Fighting scenes of Kyojiro vs Akaza

In Mugan train when the dream demon collapses with the train, anime fans were curious it’s not good that Ufotable has provided all action within half of the movie. But Manga fans were aware of the beginning of true action.

We get to see all of Kyojiro’s beautiful Flame Breathing techniques which were quite handy for Akaza. Akaza was also having chills when Kyojiro said the beautiful line “Set your heart a Blaze” with an accurate posture while having fatal injuries. That was surely one of the best moments of the Demon Slayer Mugan train.

5: Tanjiro vs Daki

Tanjiro was struggling to fight Daki at the beginning because she was the first upper moon he was facing. But things changed when Daki attempt an unnecessary massacre in the district. There we got to see the proper animations of Hinokami Kagura or Sun breathing which almost severed the head of Daki before collapsing.

4: Tanjiro Slicing Upper Moon 4

Nowadays newly released Demon Slayer season 3 has caught the eye of the audience with its spectacular success streak. People were so concerned about how Ufotable will surpass its previous masterpiece in the race of animations once again. Hence they proved it within just 7 episodes of the new season. From Mitsuri’s bath scene to Hagnezuka’s face reveal, Ufotable has not disappointed the audience. while talking about the best we need to remain picky, that’s why Tanjirou’s head-slicing scene of three upper moon 4 clones using sun breathing was finominal to watch.

3: Demon Slayers vs Upper Moons 6

No matter how many OP moments an anime can provide but it always reserves actions and animations for the finale. The same thing happened with Demon Slayer season 2 after episode five. Ufotable has given back-to-back 6 amazingly animated episodes.

It’s impossible to forget the iconic fight of Tengen and Tanjiro vs Gyutaro and Zanitsu and Inosuker vs Daki, which was fully loaded with sparkling animations and destruction.

2: Gyutaro’s appearance

I don’t know if you can agree with me, but in the entire season 2 Gyutaro’s emerging from the back of Daki and counterattack on Tengen was the best moment of Demon Slayer. Where we get to see the cozy voice of Gyutaro alongside his thin mantis appearance. I had literally listened to five times his lusty dialogues.

1: Tanjiro and Nezuko vs Rui

So far I don’t think Ufotable has measured up with the fight sequences of Demon Slayer season 1 episode 19. Even Rui was the lower Moon but the studio has set the bar very high for his blood demon art animations alongside with beautiful audio track.

And the first time seeing Hinokami Kagura was fully worth it combined with Nezuko’s blood demon art. You can literally watch Hinokami Kagura scenes infinite times without being bored. As Demon Slayer’s best moments are countless. But these are the finest of all according to me and the majority of the audience buzzing around the internet.

You must have your own standards of judging if these moments are worthy, even if you have to tell the audience more, forget not to mention it in the comment section. So I can include those if possible.

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