Best Action Anime of 2023 (so far)

The action genre is probably the most renowned genre of anime. Considering its popularity, even though action animes are the most expensive to make, we get to witness more than forty action anime series each year. Some of these are sequels, and some are newcomers.

Unlike other anime years, with the skyrocketing success of anime, the 2023 action anime list is lit with attractive series, so let’s have a brief look.

9: Doctor Stone Season 3

Dr. Stone

You surely would have known about the 2019 superhit sci-fi action series “Doctor Stone.” This hit sequel is set in a world where humans and all other creatures are turned into stones. After several thousand years, a genius boy named Senku returns to normal and starts his quest to find answers to this incident and revive humanity with the help of science.

8: Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4

Bungo stray dogs season 4

If you’re unaware of Bungo Stray Dogs, you need to go through three seasons to catch up with the current storyline, and I can assure you that it will be a wise choice to try this super underrated show.

A boy named Atsushi Nakajima was living in an orphanage, troubled by a mystical tiger. One day, he becomes the prime suspect in incidents caused by the mystical being and is forced to leave the orphanage. With his encounter with a mysterious man, Atsushi joins the supernatural investigation team to unfold such mysteries.

7: Mashle Magic And Muscles

mashle magic and muscles

A boy who can’t use magic is born in a magical realm where magicless beings are worth nothing. But Mashle’s hard work and determination have given him enough strength to counter any magic user.

Yup, you can say it’s a copycat of Black Clover, but with better animations.
Apart from criticism, the storyline is lightweight and smooth, with a bunch of sparkling magical action sequences. It would be fair enough to consider it one of the best action animes of 2023.

6: I Got A Cheat Skill In Another World

I got a cheat skill in another world

A kind, fat boy abandoned by his parents, siblings, and society finds a gateway to another world accidentally. A world more like a gaming quest, where he starts living and, through tough workouts, eventually gets killer looks. Now his looks make a difference in how people see him.

Yup, not a very convincing storyline, but it has good animations and action sequences to offer alongside cool-looking characters. So it’s probably worth checking out.

4: Heavenly Delusion

heavenly delusion

Before airing, nobody was expecting this anime to be any kind of action banger, but it is. A journey between a boy and a girl with the mind of a boy The dual is looking for a place called heaven.

They have to complete their journey in a world full of chaos without being eaten by monsters called maneaters. The story is focused on sci-fi, supernatural beings, and action sequences with a little touch of inhuman powers.

3: Hell Is Paradise

Hell's paradise is successful action anime of 2023

Hell is Paradise is an adventure-action thriller beautifully animated by Mappa Studios. Gabimaru the Hollow is an insanely strong Shinobi who gives up on living after parting ways with his beloved wife. Gabimaru is offered freedom in the case of fulfilling a mission to find the Elixir of Life.

Now he has to find the Elixir of Life on an island full of mystical creatures alongside his female Samurai companion. I can assure you that after watching its first episode, you will fall in love with its beautiful animations, action sequences, and bizarre characters.

2: Attack On Titan Final Season Part 1

attack on titan

In the first quarter of 2023, we witnessed the ultimate piece of animation in the shape of the AOT Rumbling Part 1.

The journey of Eren Yaeger, a boy inside the walls who wants freedom by killing Titans. And he ended up committing genocide worldwide. Anyone who has already watched the long episode of Rumbling would happily consider AOT the best action anime of 2023.

1: Demon Slayer Season 3

best action anime of 2023

Story of Tanjirou Kamado, who got his family murdered while he was not home. And his younger, alive sister became a demon. Now Tanjirou has started his journey as a demon slayer corps member to find a cure for his sister Nezuko.

The series has already won multiple awards held by Crunchyroll for its second season. The dark fantasy has already won the hearts of anime lovers worldwide with its two seasons.

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