9 Most Powerful Anime Characters From Ishura Ranked

The troublesome world of Ishura is overflowing with badass op characters. These characters can reshape the world with their mere words and can destroy cities with their rage.

Today, we will be ranking the most powerful anime characters of Ishura that are featured in season 1. For now, we will skip characters from the novel and focus on rationally ranking the available shuras.

9: Regnejee The Wings Of Sunset

Regnejee The Wings Of Sunset is powerful tactical leader of Wyverns swarm

Let’s kick off our list with one of the underrated anime characters from Ishura Regnejee The Wings of Sunset. He’s not a shura or special ability holder, yet he manages to secure the least spot for his tactical mind.

He’s the leader of the Wyvern Swarm and works under the command of self-proclaimed Demon King Taren the Punished. Besides his intellectual leadership and life-form arts, his power lies in his absolute loyal swarm of members who can willingly die at his command.

8: Higuare The Pelagic

Higuare The Pelagic is one of the strongest characters of Ishura

Higuare the Pelagic is the most straightforward character on our list. Honestly speaking, the novel version of Higuare is more terrifying than the anime version.

He belongs to the mandrake species and becomes an unrivaled gladiator after killing hundreds of arena fighters. He possesses too many poisonous knives operating from his roots.

His terrifying dueling ability becomes undefeatable with his airheaded rage mode. Since he has too many arms, he would be undefeated if not killed by the Death Angel of Kuze, the Passing Disaster.

7: Nihilo The Vortical Stampede

Nihilo The Vortical Stampede is cyborg type deadly female

Nihilo is the cyborg type of girl created by the self-proclaimed Demon King. She was held captive by the kingdom of Aureatia and forced to wreak havoc against Lithia in return for her freedom.

When her emotionless, cybernetic human form becomes one with spider-like equipment, she becomes an unstoppable and nearly invincible death tool.

In records, she has once defeated a whole army. With her invincible spider-like armor and sharp web, she has given a tough time to Dakai the Magpie. She would have succeeded in killing Dakai if a cut on her armor caused by Soujiro hadn’t given Dakai an opening.

6: Alus The Star Runner

Alus The Star Runner is fastest creature in air with magical weapons

With his calm and collected approach, Alus the Star Runner reigns over the sky as the undefeated three-armed Wyvern. He once belonged to the swarm of Regnejee the Wings of Sunset, but chose to conquer the world while winning supernatural artifacts.

He’s like a sonic boom in the sky, killing everyone in his way with his unique weapons like a long, sharp whip, an enchanted sword, and much more.

While fighting against Regnejee, it first appears that everything is going against Alus the Star Runner until he throws his trump card from the sky, burning every wyvern in his way.

5: Dakai The Magpie

Dakai The Magpie is deadly bandit with keen intellect and sword skills

Everyone mistakenly took him as a swordsman, however, he considers himself a bandit with otherworldly skills. Like Sojiro, he’s also a visitor bandit in this world.

With a keen mind to unfold a spy conspiracy and fast reflexes to see a bullet in slow motion, he’s truly a troublesome character in the Ishuraverse.

It was his excellence to find a minor flaw in the armor of Nihilo, which later became the only cause of the merciless death of Nihilo. With an enchanted sword, a self-centered mind, and remarkable physical traits, Dakai is truly one of the most powerful anime characters in Ishura.

4: Shalk The Sound Slicer

Shalk The Sound Slicer possesses speed with invincible body

The Sound Slicer is a perfect title for the possessor of an unimaginably speedy guy. Shalk The Sound Slicer is one of the toughest demi-gods in Ishura. With his spear skills and fast agility, he was the one to place a cut on Sojiro.

Shalk is a loner skeleton, not aware of his past identity; therefore, he embarks on a journey to face powerful opponents, which will hopefully help him uncover his past.

I wish the anime studio had given us the proper results of the fight between Sojiro and Shalk. However, Shalk has stated that he would have been killed by Sojiro, which makes him weaker than Sojiro.

3: Kia The World Word

kia the world word is overpowered character from ishura with a unique ability

On paper, Kia definitely looks like the most powerful champion with an unimaginably strong power, but since she’s a mere teenage blonde girl, she ends up at number three.

Her words became reality. Whatever she says, it becomes reality instantly. Likewise, if she orders a building to fall elsewhere, it will fall elsewhere. While fighting against Higuare the Pelagic, we witness her overpowered ability, which makes Higuare look helpless.

Although she could have killed Higuare with simple words like “Die right here,” she doesn’t use her powers without giving others a chance to clear themselves. She’s an arrogant yet soft-hearted lady who wants to make good use of her godly powers. 

2: Sojiro The Willow-Sword

Sojiro from ishura is a gifted swordsman from other world

There’s a rule in anime, the more careless you are, the more destructive and overpowered you’ll be. Sojiro the Willow-sword is the prime example of this phrase.

This otherworld demi-god figure is probably the most powerful swordsman in the whole Ishuraverse. Sojiro doesn’t give a shit about others’ lives, all he cares about is fighting powerful opponents.

We witnessed his otherworldly capabilities in episode 1, where he slays the giant golem with a single slice of his dull sword. He may be careless, but not when fighting a powerful opponent like Dakai the Magpie.

1: Kuze The Passing Disaster

Kuze the passing disaster is the most strongest with death angel

Every character in Ishura avoids every possible interaction with this blessed dude, Kuze The Passing Disaster. If someone had planned to kill Kuze, he would have been killed by the Angel of Death before doing anything.

Higuare was slain by Kuze’s Angel of Death while fighting Kia because he discharged a melting poison, which activated Kuze’s Angel of Death’s abilities.

Even the thought of killing Kuze will become the cause of the adversaries’ own deaths. Such overpowered abilities make Kuze the strongest and unrivaled among the characters of Ishura.


Since the only 1st volume of Ishura’s manga has been covered in season 1 and the 2nd season has already been announced, I am pretty sure that we are going to add some more powerful anime characters from Ishura to this list, so stay tuned and enjoy the enchanting world of anime.