13 Isekai Anime Where MC Reincarnate As a Child Or Baby

What’s more fun than getting to live life all over again, with awesome new powers to boot?Isekai anime where mc reincarnate as a child let us fantasize about getting a fresh start.

We get to tag along as these reborn protagonists relive their formative years, only now they’ve got magic, insane skills, and foreknowledge that lets them shake things up.

It’s thrilling to watch them reinvent themselves and flex their new gifts as kids. I have organized a list of Isekai animes where mc born as a child or baby, so let’s jump into it.

13: Didn’t I say to make my abilities average in my next life?

Misato reincarnates as a op girl in newworld

Misato always stood out growing up, which kinda sucked for making friends. Then one day she died suddenly in a car crash.
When she got the chance to reincarnate in a new world, all she wanted was to finally be ordinary. But lol nope! She popped out the daughter of nobility with mad magical skills.

Calling herself “Mile,” she dipped from home to train as a regular hunter. Girl thought she could hide her wild powers, but no matter how hard she tried, crazy events kept expose her as mega-gifted.
Even after dying, Misato just couldn’t catch that average life break!

12: The Eighth Son? Are you Kidding me?

Shningo reincarnates as a child from stressed out manager

dude Shingo wakes up to find he’s suddenly a little kid named Wendelin, not the stressed-out middle manager he used to be.

Though his office life still weighs on him, Wendelin’s part of a poor noble family now. But he’s pumped to have mad magical powers.

Wendelin sets out to get rich and become a big shot in these parts. He’s sure with his new gifts he can score the sweet life he’s always wanted.

Even with a new pint-sized body, this guy’s determined to live large!

The beautiful and eye-catching animations along with a little unique isekai story make this anime worth watching for those who are looking for Isekai anime where mc reincarnate as a child.

11: The Faraway Paladin

Will lived a snoozeville life til he popped out as a baby into a ruined city with a skeleton, ghost and mummy as his new family. They taught him fighting and magic, but most of all, loving others.

As Will got older exploring this wacky new world, he learned he had to make a lifelong pledge to a god. The more devoted you were, the more blessings you’d get!

But before Will could vow up, he had to accept his new guardians weren’t from his world.

The Faraway Paladin is worth watching for the cool rebirth plot and to see Will’s touching bond with his skeleton, ghost, and mummy guardians as they raise him from babyhood.

It’s got great worldbuilding, battles, and themes about devotion, duty, and what family really means.

As a whole, this is a anime where mc reincarnated as a baby and learn his baby steps while diversifying with a family of outcasts.

10: reborn to master the blade

King Inglis lived his whole life serving his people. But he was bad at sword fighting before he died. The goddess Alistia let him be reborn as a child to follow his dream.

He was reincarnated as a girl in a rich family. At age six, she finds out she has no magic powers to be a knight. That’s a big bummer!

But instead of losing hope, she decides to be a squire to Rafinha Bilford and train hard to get good without magic. Reborn in a strange new world, Inglis is set to work hard and be the best squire ever.

If you love zero-to-hero anime theme with admirable character designs, this Isekai won’t disappoint you.

On the other hand, this anime delivers a superb lesson, “No matter how much odds are against you, determination and patience can do the impossible.”

9: By The Grace of Gods

Ryouma is a little kid living deep in the forest. He has an unusual hobby – raising different kinds of slimes as pets.

Even though he’s young, Ryouma is strong and has awesome magic talents. Three gods gave him these gifts after he overcame tough stuff in his past life.

For three years he lived happily away from other people. But then Ryouma met some wounded soldiers in the woods.

He kindly helped them, and they invited him on their journey to the Duke’s town. Excited to explore the big world, Ryouma went with them, starting an amazing adventure.

With its positive themes about kindness and appreciating life’s gifts, this show is a feel-good Isekai anime where mc is reincarnate as a child.

8: Knight’s & Magic

He was born as a baby into a noble family with awesome magic, soon after Ernesti joins the Royal Laihaila Academy.It trains kids to pilot the Knights and protect the kingdom.

Ernesti teams up with the twins Adeltrud and Archid. Their goal is to build their own Silhouette Knight, something nobody has done in centuries! With his skills, Ernesti is set to create an amazing mecha.

With its creative mecha suits, cool magic academy setting, and overpowered young hero, Knight’s & Magic is an exciting isekai adventure.

It’s fun to see Ernesti use his mechanical skills in this isekai with modern technology to develop his own unique Silhouette Knight mech and take on challenges.

7: Am I Actually the strongest?

Haruto Zenfis get to reincarnate in a noble family of another world with a cheat power, sound great na! but due to the goddess’s mistake, Haruto born with a power glitch which shows his inaccurate or low.

For being born with such low power levels, Haruto was abandoned in a forest at the mercy of wild animals.

Now Haruto and his friends must navigate through the troubles of this magical world, but the good news is, it was a glitch that shows his powers this lowly but on the contrary he was born as the most powerful in this world.

6: My Next Life As A Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

Lots of peeps wish they could be the hero in a game or fantasy world. But this one girl ain’t so lucky.

After remembering her past life, she realizes she’s been reborn as Catarina Claes – the main bad guy in the game “Fortune Lover” she used to play.

And Catarina bites it in every ending! With her game know-how, she’s set on dodging the death flags that’ll doom her.

Ain’t easy though! But she’s determined to alter the fates of those around her, not as the leading lady, but as the villainess. This chick’s gotta navigate her cursed new life and flip the script.

Thankfully this Shoujo Isekai introduces something eventful and unique than most of typical Isekai storylines, and believe me, you gonna love it.

5: Ascendance of a Bookworm

Bookworm Urano is straight-up obsessed with reading. Before she can make her dream librarian life happen though, she catches a bad break and kicks the bucket.

As she passes, all she wishes for is more time to dive into books. Wildly, Urano’s reborn as Myne, a tiny 5-year-old in medieval days.

Major probs though – books are super scarce and only rich peeps can afford ’em since they’re handmade.

Even with the struggle, Myne won’t let her love of reading die. She decides to craft her own books, no matter what it takes. This book-loving girl is set on overcoming anything to fuel her passion!

4: Saga of Tanya the Evil

Tanya reborn as a little girl in new world

Saga of Tanya the Evil is an isekai anime where the main character gets reborn as a little child. Tanya used to be a businessman who made God mad.

So God turned him into a baby girl named Tanya in a strange new world with magic and war. Even though she’s just a young girl now, Tanya is super smart and becomes a kickbutt soldier.

She wants to have a peaceful life again. But God is still messing with her while she tries to climb the ranks in the army.

If you love Isekai anime without harem and ecchi elements, Tanya’s war-torn magic world would be best to explore.

3: Misfit of Demon King Academy

The Misfit of Demon King Academy is an isekai anime where the main character is reborn as a baby demon lord.Long ago, Demon King Anos ended a war by sacrificing himself.

He hoped to come back in a peaceful time. When Anos wakes up 2000 years later, he’s a child again in the Demon King Academy. But nobody recognizes him! They got his story all wrong.

Even though he’s treated as an outcast, Anos is determined to show he’s the real Demon King. He wants to make things right and find who distorted his legacy.

Anos won’t let anyone stop him from reclaiming his title. It’s awesome to see a powerful demon lord back as a kid kicking butt.

2: Wise man’s Grandchild

The legendary hero Merlin Wolford now lives a simple life raising an orphan named Shin that he once saved.

Shin used to be a regular salaryman from modern Japan but got reborn as a orphan into Merlin’s magical world and still has his old memories.

He has really impressed Merlin with his fighting and magic skills. But at 15 Shin only focused on combat and doesn’t have much common sense or responsibility.

To improve, he enrolls in Magic Academy to try to fit in. But everyone knows Shin as a celebrity which makes a normal life hard.

As Shin gets used to his new home, he makes friends, learns about the world, and battles evil forces to protect the city from danger

1: Jobless Reincarnation

If you really want see a precise worldbuilding, kickass magical storyline, struggling protagonist, and lots of comedy along with drama, Jobless reincarnation is the best Isekai anime where mc reborn as a baby or child.

A 34-year-old guy who never reached his full potential unfortunately dies. But then something crazy happens – he gets reborn as a baby in a new fantasy world! With a fresh start, he’s determined to live this new life to the fullest.

Using skills and knowledge from his past life, he goes on an awesome adventure with the new friends he makes. He discovers he has magic powers and big dreams in this exhilarating new world.

This time around, he’s making the most out of his second chance at life and pushing himself to succeed at his bold goals.


This is the list of Isekai anime where mc is reincarnate as a baby or child and began an exploration of new fantasy world. As I have watched all of these shows, I guarantee you if you’re an Isekai lover, you definitely gonna love these shows. Talking about diversity, multiple genres, animations and have ranked shows according to the protagonist’s character development from baby to a badass protagonist.

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