9 Best Isekai Romance Anime With No Harem Included

An isekai is a genre where ordinary characters are transported to fantasy worlds. While most popular isekais focus on adventures filled with action and abilities, some beautifully crafted stories prioritize romance over everything else. So today we will only be talking about best Isekai anime shows that follow pure romance trope neglecting harem genre.

So without wasting your time on explaining more about Isekai and stuff, let’s dive into our list.

9: I Am The Villainess So I Am Taming The Final Boss

I Am The Villainess So I Am Taming The Final Boss

I Am The Villainess So I Am Taming The Final Boss is a Isekai Shoujo romance anime with no harem released in Fall 2022. This isekai anime not only just follow typical shoujo romance trope but provides flirtation, gorgeous gowns, a good storytelling and a bad boy with golden heart.

A chronically ill young lady finds herself transported within the world of her favorite otome game, where she is now Aileen Lauren Dautriche, the villainess. At the banquet celebrating the end of the term, Prince Cedric announces his engagement to the protagonist Lilia is over, having fallen for another.

Knowing her doomed fate, Aileen resolves to court the Demon King Claude, Cedric’s fierce half-brother, and change her tragic ending by making him fall for her instead. A race now begins as Aileen struggles to win Claude’s heart before time runs out.

8: Life with an ordinary guy who reincarnated into a total fantasy knockout

Life with an ordinary guy who reincarnated into a total fantasy knockout

Despite mentioned as an action isekai anime, don’t expect too much from this Isekai romance anime which is made to present rom-com and make you doubt with complex relationship.

Handsome Tsukasa and plain Hinata have been friends for years, though the former is a ladies man while the latter yearns for love. During a drunk night out, frustrated Hinata wishes to be beautiful girl.

Suddenly a goddess appears, sending the men to defeat the Demon Lord but also granting Hinata’s desire, transforming him into a stunning woman. Now even Tsukasa is enchanted, and Hinata finally comprehends his friend’s appeal. However, to return home, they must first complete their task before falling for one another.

7: Wise Man’s Grand Child

Wise Man’s Grand Child

Wise Man’s Grand Child is my utmost recommendations to those who are looking for a neutral isekai anime with romance but no harem. This show definitely has some usual isekai tropes but with a balanced blend like as op mc along with competetive cast, wholesome romance where mc has only one pure love itnerest, and mixed plot of fun and serousness.

This story follows Shin your random salaryman who got transported to a fantasy world as an op mc in the shape of 6 an old child. He’s definitely not blessed with his powers but he earned them through hard work.

On his 15th birthday, it becomes apparent that Shin has become powerful but lacks social skills which result him to go Kingdom’s magic academy to hone his skills and become more mature among other teenagers.

6: The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent

The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent

The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent another Shoujo Isekai anime in this list of pure romance Isekai anime with no harem with a quite laidback slice-of-life storyline. Remaining true to our topic, many fans consider this a reverse harem anime because our female protagonist is always surrounded by handsome men. Though our female has only one love interest so it shouldn’t be called a reverse harem.

Kotori Yusei worked relentlessly as an office worker until one night, light engulfed her and she was summoned as a “saint” to a royal palace in another world. However, the absorbed prince paid her no attention, leaving Kotori neglected with free time.

Exploring the grounds, she met Jude who showed her the Institute of Medicinal Plants, sparking her plant loving interest. Though only a researcher, Kotori unexpectedly displayed a talent for potion making through combining medicinal herbs and magic.

Later on she helped a wounded soldier named Albert Hawke, the only love interest of our mc. Honestly speaking newly released anime “The Apothecary Diaries” is best suited for those who are interested in chemistry, herbs, and medicine stuff.

5: The Devil is a part timer

The Devil is a part timer

While in the majority of anime, MC reincarnates into fantasy lands and becomes OP, this isekai romance anime comes with totally opposite settings where MC is underpowered and landed in modern Tokyo.

After being summoned to modern Tokyo through mysterious means, our Demon lord must adapt to his new mundane life working at a humble restaurant. As he adjusts to the fast-paced world of customer service and deadlines, the last thing he expects is to develop feelings for his angelic colleague and enemy by nature.

But she sees past his intimidating facade and finds kindness where others see only danger. Together they must juggle jobs, magic and the blossoming of romance, all while keeping his true identity as Lord of Evil a secret.

4: Endo and Kobayashi Live!

Endo and Kobayashi Live! is one of the best isekai romance anime with no harem

Endo and Kobayashi Live! follows a unique isekai trope where the MC doesn’t physically reincarnate in the other world. It’s truly an enjoyable rom-com anime with good animations and truly praiseworthy characters.

Al though its English name is damn big “Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte” you can either use just “Endo and Kobayashi Live.”

This quirky story revolves around Endo (a guy) and Shihono Kobayashi (a girl) who are classmates and members of their school’s broadcasting club. Mysteriously they develop an ability to communicate with the Otome game characters.

As they both root for this Otome Game Villainess, Lieselotte who is always doomed to a tragic end in her love story. As they now can communicate with this NPC characters, can they turn her destined-to-be doomed story into a happy ending?

3: Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is pure action romance isekai show

I know that Sword Art Online anime is an action-adventure-focused Isekai anime that has given a very detailed game world experience to Isekai lovers, however, it also presents a most passionate lovers story that are trapped in this do-or-die world.

In the near future, a virtual reality MMORPG called Sword Art Online is released. Kirito is among ten thousand players trapped inside when the creator of the game reveals that the only way to leave is to beat it. If they die in-game or remove their NerveGear helmet, they die in real life too.

Kirito determines to reach the one hundredth floor alone to defeat the final boss as soon as possible. He strives to overcome the immense challenges within alongside his new allies, all while grappling with the reality of death awaiting those who cannot prevail in his endeavors.

2: Iroduku the World in Colors

iroduku the world in colors is best shoujo isekai romance anime

Though labeled as Isekai anime, “Iroduku the World in Colors” is widely considered a time travel romance anime with a truly coming-of-age romantic storyline of romance and self-discovery.

This time travel romance anime revolves around Hitomi Tsukishiro who has been transported to 2018 high school life to recover from her emotionless personality.

While taking an unfamiliar train ride, Hitomi enters the room of artist Yuito Aoi. Upon seeing his artwork, her normally monochrome world blooms into vivid color. What draws them together and how his paintings impact her perception is left undefined in these brief but vivid encounters.

1: Rezero – Starting Life In Another World

Rezero is one of the best Isekai romance anime with no harem included

At the top spot of our list of Best Romance Isekai with no Harem stands one of the best and renowned isekai anime Rezero: Starting in Another World. If something makes this anime truly worth watching is its romantic cast of Subaru and Emilia.

Natsuki Subaru suddenly finds himself transported to a fantasy world from modern Japan. As he gets accustomed to his new surroundings, he meets a beautiful silver-haired half-elf named Emilia and promises to help her.

But Subaru soon discovers he has the mysterious power of “Return by Death,” which allows him to respawn after each death. He uses this unique ability to solve troubles in this world, facing evil forces and darkness, all while struggling with his own psychological demons and forming bonds with the people he encounters.