10 Chibi Anime Characters That Hardly People Know About

If you enjoy watching cute chibi characters in anime shows, then you’ve come to the right place. Thankfully, the anime world has no shortage of such characters, and yet, I somehow managed to shed light on some unsung chibi anime characters.

Chibi characters, with their big heads and small bodies, never fail to bring a smile on fans faces. From action-packed adventures to heartwarming slice-of-life stories, these fun-sized figures are always up to amusing antics.

(Keep in mind that we will not pick anime characters from a spin-off series.)

So, let’s jump into our list.

10: Evil Slime

Evil Slime from Ragna Crimson is arrogant chibi anime character

Anime: Ragna Crimson

Evil Slime is a supporting anime character from the underrated shonen anime “Ragna Crimson.” He’s the companion of Crimson and may be the only funniest character in the whole series.

Man, behind his cute little facade lies a super arrogant dude who considers the whole of humankind a low life.

Whenever he addresses a human, his sentence will start with words (oyy shitty human!) and then proceed further. I bet whenever he’s on the screen, fans smile, even in the most serious situations.

9: Charmy Pappitson

Charmy Pappitson from black clover is foody little anime girl

Anime: Black Clover

How can we forget this foodie girl from Black Clover, Charmy Pappitson? She’s a dwarf-human hybrid species and an active member of the Black Bull.

In her usual form, she’s a chibi girl with a huge tummy, but once she activates her food magic, she’s a beauty like no other in the whole anime.

Her only concern is food and just food. Assuming she had to choose between saving her friend or following the smell of any delicious meal, she would bluntly choose to follow the delicious meal. Honestly, her funny quirks become visible whenever food is involved.

8: Hawk

Hawk from seven deadly sins

Anime: Seven Deadly Sins

One character that is impossible to overlook in any discussion of chibi greats is Hawk from The Seven Deadly Sins. This little pig may be small in stature, but his giant personality and appetite make him incredibly memorable.

Accompanying Meliodas on his journeys, Hawk is constantly bickering and arguing with his friend while also displaying unwavering loyalty. Despite his grumpy exterior, Hawk has a good heart and often plays the voice of reason.

He may not have any magical powers or fighting skills, but Hawk more than makes up for it with his comedic quips and ability to lighten the mood.

7: Maou

maou from level one demon lord and one room hero is super funny chibi anime character

Anime: Level 1 Demon Lord and One Room

As we know, chibi anime characters are included in anime to lighten the mood. Just imagine how hilarious that anime would be whose main protagonist is a chibi character.

Maou is a reincarnated demon lord and the main protagonist of the recent fantasy anime “Level 1 Demon Lord and One Room.”

Maou once was a dreadful demon lord and was defeated by legendary hero Max. After 10 years, Maou reawakens in the form of an androgynous boy and finds out that his foe is now nothing but a one-room slacker.

To help him regain his glory, Maou moves in with him. Maou looks like a chibi girl in school uniform, but actually, he’s a male and maybe the funniest one.

6: Merituuli

Merituuli from the ancient magus bride is underrated chibi anime character

Anime: The Ancient Magus Bride

Even with a little screen time, Merituuli, a side character from the famous romance anime “The Ancient Magus Bride,” brings a smile to the faces of viewers.

This chibi anime character is the most wholesome on our list. He remains only in one gear, which is cheerful. This loyal dude is always found with a big rosy smile on his face.

His role in the story is maybe short, but he wholesomely delivers the significance of a smiling face.

5: Reborn

Reborn from katekyo hitman reborn

Anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Reborn from Katekyo Hitman Reborn is a picture-perfect example of “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Who knows that behind the facade of a goofy little child lies the world’s most dangerous hitman?

Despite being a baby, Reborn is actually a terrifying hitman who is dead set on turning the no-good Tsuna into a mafia boss. What makes him so memorable is his extreme contrast with his infant body—he’s ruthless, highly intelligent, and a master of bizarre lethal techniques.

He adds just the right mix of humor, heart-pounding action, and badassery to every scene. With his ability to be terrifying yet tremendously cute, Reborn proves chibi characters can have depth beyond just comic relief.

4: Venalita

Venalita from gushing over magical girls is chibi mascot

Anime: The Gushing Over Magical Girls

“It’s time to recruit some evil magical girls for solely one purpose: fan service.” Venalita is the evil mascot from the Ecchi anime “The Gushing Over Magical Girls.”

He’s evil, playful, schematic, and a damn serious liar. Even though his character is not meant to be funny, somehow each time he tells a lie, he looks damn funny.

For your information, mascots or any other characters can fit in the category of chibi anime characters if they fulfill the criteria like being funny, having a small structure, and having a huge face.

3: Emul

Emul from shangrila frontier is chibi anime bunny

Anime: Shangri-La Frontier

Emul is a vorpal rabbit and an NPC character in Shangri-La Frontier. With magician-like clothes and a rounded figure, Emul is the epitome of cuteness.

she’s the loyal and powerful ally of our MC in the series and can transform into a damn hot girl. The way she talks, the way she walks, and the way she fights—everything about Emul is created to be admired.

She’s a unique monster and famous for her rarity and cuteness.

2: Nezuko

Nezuko can be chibi little girl or transform into a tall girl

Anime: Demon Slayer

In the serious atmosphere of the famous shonen anime “Demon Slayer,” Nezuko shines as a cute doll-like demon with a chibi appearance. I doubt that anybody here wouldn’t have known about Nezuko since she’s one of the most popular anime girls.

She is the sister of Mc and possesses unique abilities as a demon. In her rage form, she can grow her body, and she can also shrink down when hiding from her adversaries.

We have witnessed Nezuko’s appearance in Chibi multiple times in the storyline, so it’s safe to add her to our list.

1: Boji

Boji is inspirational chibi anime character

Anime: Ranking Of Kings

Ranking high in the race for supreme chibi is Boji from the Ranking of Kings. Though born heir to the throne, Boji was born as deaf, which caused him to be severely underestimated.

But beneath his small stature lies an inspirational anime character who is determined to achieve what is his, no matter what the odds. Boji radiates warmth and positivity, greeting every person and experience with unrelenting curiosity and care.

His chubby cheeks and bright eyes are endearing, but it is Boji’s indomitable spirit in the face of adversity that has truly captured audiences’ hearts. His inspirational story of empowerment makes him a chibi worth celebrating.


With this little effort, I have tried to bring up some hidden chibi anime gems. So if you’re looking for some binge-worthy chibis, this is where your search ends. I hope you will like this, and if there’s something missing, please hit me via the Contact Us page.