10 High School Anime With No Romance

If you want to watch an anime focused on friendship, comedy, and pure high school fun without any romantic subplots weighing it down, you have come to the right place.

This list features some of the most entertaining and heartwarming shows that celebrate what it means to be a student and capture the spirit of youth. So let’s rank some of the best high school staged anime with no romance.

10: Lookism

Lookism anime

Lookism is a Chinese anime based on a web manga. Honestly, it’s difficult to discover a Chinese anime without romance, yet Lookism stands out with its high-school life-focused plot.

The story follows Park Hyung Suk, a fat high school student. He is constantly subjected to borderline bullying at school, including fat shame, gang beatings, and other forms of harassment.

Fortunately, one night his life changed as he awoke in a handsome, muscular body. Can he now evade the bullies thanks to his great new look? Watch Lookism to find out.

9: Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 is action shounen staged in high school settings

Mob Psycho 100 is an excellent choice for those seeking a high school anime with top-notch action and hilarious comedy. If you admire anime with OP MC and some deep inspiration, don’t miss it.

Set in a typical Japanese city, the series follows Shigeo Kageyama, a seemingly ordinary boy known as “Mob.” He possesses overwhelming psychic powers but tries to live a normal life.

Throughout his daily experiences at school and beyond, Mob works hard to control his abilities while forging friendships with his quirky classmates. 

8: Mashle: Magic and Muscles

mashle magic and muscles

Mashle: Magic and Muscles could be anything but romance. It’s highly focused on magic high school settings where MC climbs up the ranks, beating strong opponents.

Mashle is a magicless child living with his grandpa while hiding his magicless disability. However, physically, he’s insanely strong. His peaceful days vanished when a security officer caught him red-handed.

On the recommendation of the officer, he’s sent to a prestigious magic high school where bundles of struggles are waiting to test Mashle’s determination.

7: Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

Haven't You Heard I'm Sakamoto is also a gag humor anime paced in high school

Brace yourself to laugh out loud while watching the cool dude, Sakamoto. Completely drama-free, this zany anime is a romance-less joyride following the incredible feats of the one and only Sakamoto.

Rumors of a perfect student named Sakamoto have spread throughout the high school, sparking envy and disbelief. How can one boy be so talented, stylish, and skilled? 

Through a series of comedic events, Sakamoto demonstrates his many abilities, like kung-fu mastery, engineering know-how, and even dance routines, all while maintaining an air of coolness. 

6: Oshi No Ko

oshi no ko-min

Oshi No Ko is a drama anime that sheds light on the cutthroat idol industry through high school characters.

Aqua was a doctor, and Ruby was a cancer-suffering patient in their previous lives. Fatefully, they died at the same moment when their beloved idol, Aoi, was giving birth to twin babies.

They both reincarnated as Aoi’s children. After the horrible murder of Aoi, Aqua embarks on a journey to find the culprit, while Ruby is determined to become a successful idol like her mother.

5: Erased

Erased anime

Shows like Erased are created once in a blue moon. Erased is a spectacular mystery anime staged in middle school settings.

When Satoru’s Fujinuma mother was murdered, he was thrown back in time to alter future events.

As a little middle school boy, Satoru uses his mature intellect to save his school friends from becoming victims of a loner killer. The majority of the story takes place in school settings, with very little romance involved.

4: Daily Live Of High School Boys

daily lives of high school boys

It would not be shocking to become a die-hard gag humor lover after witnessing this insane boys’ comedy anime.

Comedy and chaos are the order of the day at Tama River High School. Yanagi, Ichi, and Hidenori go through hilarious misadventures as typical teenage boys relaxing, joking, and passing time between classes.

Whether they are coming up with absurd schemes, critiquing daily situations, or just hanging out, these three friends are guaranteed to find the ridiculous in the ordinary. 

3: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K is damn funny high school based anime with no romance at all

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is a treat for those who are looking for unconventional shonen anime with an overpowered main character.

With psychic abilities most can only dream of, Kusuo Saiki sees being a high school student as completely troublesome. Unfortunately for him, his cognitions make even the smallest problems feel exaggerated. 

Romance is nonexistent, as Saiki just tries to survive each day while hiding his capabilities. All he wants is to graduate quietly, but havoc seems to follow this bespectacled teen everywhere.

2: Wind Breaker

Wind Breaker is latest shounen staged in high school

Wind Breaker is the latest action-shounen anime by Wit Studios. Frankly, one can assume it is a better version of Tokyo Revengers.

A delinquent high school boy, Haruka Sakura, has been a consistent target of humiliation by society for his unusual looks.

Since he has given up hope in the people around him, he joins Furin High School in the hope of fighting the strongest opponents and making his legacy.

1: Classroom Of The Elite

classroom of the elite is a suspense thriller with little to no romance

Classroom of the Elite is a top-notch suspense-thriller anime that takes place in high school settings. The show features a strict high school with a bizarre ranking system.

The classes are ranked in order of A, B, C, and D. Since the higher-ranking classes get more privileges, every student is in a rat race to make his class rank higher.

Kiyotaka Ayanakoji, a mysterious prodigy, enrolled in Class D in the hope of advancing to Class A while experiencing high school life.