10 Reasons Behind The Skyrocketing Success Of Frieren Anime

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End has recently secured the number 1 spot on MAL ratings. This shounen show was created by renowned Madhouse Studios and stole the hearts of fans by bringing something new to the table.

In an era where isekai and action-focused shounen are ruling the anime industry, Freiren Beyond Journey’s End has surprised shounen fans with its unique plot setting and perfect execution of other anime tropes. Whether we talk about its unique plot, intriguing characters, art style, or animations, Frieren aces in each department with utmost perfection.

However, there are countless other reasons that make Frieren so special, and today we are unfolding these.

10: A Unique Take On Fantasy Premise

frieren has impressed fans with a unique take on fantasy premise

In the throng of Demon King related anime shows, Frieren comes with fresh air where the heroes don’t need to defeat any mighty demon lord; instead, they embark on an after journey.

This unique take on the fantasy trope helps Frieren present something more original.

As Frieren is a fantasy anime, it does justice to this trope by introducing a very slow-paced plot staged in fantasy land. Its original plot, along with fantasy settings, perfectly clicks with audiences.

9: Frieren Takes Time To Set Up Its Characters

Frieren anime takes necessary time to establish its characters

Character development is a necessary ingredient for people to relate to particular characters. In most fantasy shounen, the character development either goes neglected or feels quite boring when given too much attention.

Thankfully, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End has impressed fans with its character growth. Whether we’re talking about main characters or sidekicks, Freiren uses screen time wisely.

Furthermore, each anime character has a particular quality that makes them feel highly original. Whether we chose the main cast or supporting individuals, everybody has a very natural purpose.

8: Gorgeously Soothing Art Style

Frieren anime delivers the most admireable art style and smooth animations

It’s not the first time that Madhouse has won the hearts of fans with its stunning and smooth art style. But this time, they have taken it to another level.

The highly smooth, art-style animation of Frieren is what sets it apart from other fantasy anime. Even if we look into the smaller details, Frieren gives us the feel of its art style supremacy and Madhouse’s hard work behind it.

While most shounen gives their 70% effort to action sequences, Frieren manages to distribute their animating efforts equally to action sequences and the overall content of episodes.

7: Minimalist Fanservice

Frieren anime comes with the least fan service

Fanservice is considered the most typical in fictional stories to please audiences. However, Frieren has proven that a properly well-written and well-developed show doesn’t require cliches or fanservice to hook fans.

From unnecessary clinginess to revealing clothes or any sort of explicit hijinks, Frieren is pure from every kind of fanservice. However, Frieren uses little deeds and moments to set up the chemistry between the characters. Funny quirks between Fern and Stark are a visible example of this.

As a bonus, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End particularly focuses on little events between characters to grow them naturally closer instead of relying on some typical romance.

6: Praiseworthy Action Sequences

Frieren anime gives fans top notch action which is hard to find in most shounen

Until the sudden fight between Stark and the Red Dragon, fans weren’t expecting such beautifully animated action sequences from this soothing fantasy show.

Thankfully, this was not the only moment when fans’ jaws dropped on the floor; for example, the whole first-class mage test was lit with praiseworthy action. However, the fight between the real Frieren and the clone Frieren is my favorite.

Frieren beautifully manages to control the power scale of characters, which enables audiences to evaluate the potential between characters effectively and logically.

5: Deep Fantasy Exploration

Frieren give us deep fantasy exploration

Countless successful fantasy shows have proven the essence of fantasy exploration, and Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End has taken it quite seriously.

As of today, fans are pretty sure that this anime has given them the most unconventional and in-depth experience. Beautiful landscapes, tiny fantasy world details, and dedicated screen time for supporting characters have won the hearts of fans to the fullest.

The consistently changing locations and meet-ups with new characters throughout the main character’s journey are not unusual, but how properly Frieren delivers them is simply brilliant. As a whole, Frieren has taken fantasy exploration to a whole other level.

4: Soundtrack, Opening And Endings

Frieren has both great opening and ending songs with relaxing sound track

It’s quite rare to praise each department of anime, and yet Frieren has nailed it. Frieren’s opening song, “The Brave, aka Yussha,” by Yoasobi, was a treat for eyes and years. Its lyrics, visuals, and tone—everything was complementing the anime theme.

Its soundtrack was hands-down one of the best and most enjoyable to hear. Along with soothing animations, a cozy soundtrack has played a vital role in charming the anime.

The ending song of Frieren was titled “Anywhere, Anytime,” highlighting the pain of the millennium-long journey of our Elf protagonist. I highly recommend checking both the opening and ending song lyrics to understand the connection between them and the premise.

3: Most Realistic And Imperfect Heroes

cast of imperfect heroes

Is it necessary for a protagonist to be perfect in every department? If you want audiences to correlate with them, they shouldn’t be.

What is the joy of witnessing a protagonist who’s the embodiment of a perfect human being? This is where Frieren shines and highlights the deep weaknesses of protagonists and supporting characters to make them look vulnerable and easy to relate to.

For example, when Himmel the Hero failed to pull the ancient sword from a stone and accept his weaknesses. Another example is Stark, who was afraid of fighting with the dragon due to his fear.

2: Thought Provoking Plot About Time And Regret

Frieren introduces a thought provoking plot

Nowadays, witnessing an original plot is more like once in a blue moon. Where most shounen anime focuses on the hero’s legacy or the fight between good and evil, Frieren comes with a more realistic plot where each character is shown suffering and dealing with their problems.

For example, the main protagonist is OP, yet her fatal flaw is her perception of time and its effects on those around her. As elves have a millennium-year lifespan, she has to bear the pain of her dying loved ones.

1: A Real Life Inspiration

Frieren provides fans a deep inspiration

If we carefully examine the premise of Frieren and its characters’ slow-burn development, we can observe that Frieren’s primary focus is to teach us the value of time and the people around us.

Where most shounen showcase protagonists suffering as character development, Frieren uses little events and flashbacks from the protagonist’s previous journey to further grow her character.

Frankly speaking, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is a blessing for those who suffer anxiety from events they can’t control, like time and age. The soothing experience of Frieren enables us to reconsider our priorities for a happy life journey.