Top 10 Anime With The Best Fight Scenes Of All Time

Anime fans have witnessed many breathtaking fights in anime history. As we all know making anime is an art, which allows its creator to visualize the character and action sequences in utmost perfection. It’s inevitable for action genre anime to not have satisfying action scenes. Throughout the years, anime fans have witnessed some anime with the best fight scenes of all time, which has left deep marks in the memories of fans.

As there are plenty of masterclasses, it’s tough to consider any of them topper. And to consider among the best of the best, I have ranked some best anime fights of anime history. I am sure, the potential of these visual masterclasses will make you watch once more to satisfy your anime hunger.

Remember I’ve ranked these anime according to their smooth animations, visual details, characters’ potential, character design, and overall popularity, so my judgment to rank will be unbiased.
As I’ve mentioned above, most anime with the best fight scenes are from the action genre. Some of their sequels are airing or planned to air in 2023. you can feed your eyes by watching these best action anime of 2023.

10: Hanayama vs Speck and Ogre vs Kaku (Baki)

Ohh boy, it was a very tough task to pick a fight from an anime that is full of karate and animation. If you’re an action and martial arts lover, Baki is a treat to watch. While talking about the cruel animation of Baki, the anime possesses demolished strong villains.

Even though it’s full of action and animation I found Hanayma vs Speck and Ogre vs Kaku best suitable for this list, as their fights contain a full episode length. And Anime lovers do know how tough it’s to animate an episode full of action.

9: Asta and Yami vs Dante Zogratis (Black Clover)

If you had watched all the earlier seasons of Black Clover, you would have noticed a huge jump in animation while watching Asta and Yami vs Dante. As technology has advanced, the black clover has turned out to be a good one.

However it’s never easy for a studio to surpass the previous intense fight scenes, but thankfully Cloverworks has done it and got to be praised for it.
As the new movie is coming out this year, fans hope to fest on another anime with the best fight scenes in the history of Black Clover.

8: Saitma vs Genos and Boros (One Puch Man season 1)

An Insanely powerful man who can beat his powerful foes with one punch sounds very much like boredom but it’s not. Many fans are desperate to watch its upcoming season and many haven’t forgotten his previous dominance in fights.
Even the first fight between Saitama and Genos was considered a one-sided and funny fight but you got to admit the fight sequences of that fight which was so chilled.

And if you want to know the answer to the debate “Goku vs Saitama” just watch the full fight of Saitama vs Boros. U’ll figure it out on your own, why Saitma’s fight scenes are ranked in this list of anime with the best fight scenes.

7: Chainsaw vs Katana Man (Chainsaw Man season 1)

We should be thankful to Mappa that they’re continuing the legacy of Eren Rumbling by providing us with an anime full of the best fight scenes and action sequences. And within a tight schedule, they have blessed us with Chainsaw Man.

Even though The Chainsaw Man is full of action but the people who have read the manga already would know the importance of the chainsaw and Katana’s fight. And when Mappa animated it, it was truly remarkable how Mappa is handling its projects.

6: Eren vs Annie (Attack on Titan season 1)

AOT’s first season was wildly considered one of the most depressing action anime in history. Because it was full of merciless deaths and cruelties with casualties. And surprisingly it started and ended with a cruel massacre.

Annie has given a very tough time to Eren in tall tree forests but the real show was within the walls when Eren figured out the mystery of the female titan with the help of Armin’s gamble. For that starting and ending, I am still thankful to Wit Studios.

5: Tanjiro vs Rui (Demon Slayer Season 1)

Nowadays Studios are not holding back on their wallets, as UFOtabel has blessed us with one of the most expensive anime series of all time Demon Slayer. The people who know about Demon Slayer must have remembered the remarkable fight between Tanjiro and lower rank five demon Rui.

Even after many years of its release, I still feel the supremacy of demon slayer season 1 episode 19. The sparkling visuals, hovering fight sequences, and soundtrack are worthy enough to be ranked in this list of anime with the best fight scenes.

4: Universe 7 vs Jiren (Dragon Ball Super)

I remember the days when Dragon Ball Super was ending and we were hoping that Goku would knock Jiren out with mastered Ultra instinct. And in the end, we had seen Goku, Frieza, and Android 18 finishing off the mighty Jiren which was a total menace in the whole series.

The humongous budget of Toei Animation is fully worth its visuals and well considered for being an anime with the best fight scenes of all time.

3: Itadori Yuji and Todo vs Hanami (Jujutsu Kaisen season 1)

Following nowadays anime, Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen are tough competitors and in their rivalry, fans have witnessed the best era of anime.
Recently Jujutsu fans have been blessed with Itadori and Todo vs Hanami “special grade curse” fight scenes. Which was breathtaking with the special swapping technique of Todo.
However, It’s was not very colorful like Tanjiro vs Rui but it was more sequenced and understandable to watch.

2: Levi vs Beast Titan and Kenny Squad (Attack on Titan season 3)

Levi is not even a main character of AOT and yet he successfully steals the show while soloing Beast Titan and Kenny’s squad. Thanks to the speechless quick animations of Wit Studios, Levi’s piercing Beast titan body was truly a treat to watch.

While talking about pure action and anime with the best fight scenes, forgetting Levi’s dominance in raw combat would be awful for anime fans. We need to admit that the maniac’s cold expressions in the upmost difficult situations make us fall for his personality.

1: Kyojiro vs Akaza and Tengen vs Gyutaro (Demon Slayer season 2)

I hope you do not have forgotten the demon slayer infinity train arc which was truly a masterpiece that breaks all anime records with its box office collection.
Even with just one season or single movie, Kyojiro has built an unbreakable connection with the audience with his strength and warmly bold personality. Even I was saying that he should not die in the earliest seasons of demon slayer but it was done for good.

Previously in 2022, people started picking the best episode from demon slayer season 2, and UFOtable surprised them with almost 5 brilliantly animated episodes of anime history. Super hyped Demon Slayer has given us almost 3 consistent anime seasons with the best fight scenes.

I am sure this list will help you a lot. It has created through various resources our own experience. If you have any suggestion, please let me know.

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