Top 10 Anime With The Best Fight Scenes Of All Time

Anime fans have witnessed many breathtaking fights in anime history. Throughout the years, anime fans have witnessed some anime with the best fight scenes of all time, which has left deep marks in the memories of fans.

I have ranked these best anime fight scenes according to their smooth animations, visual details, and overall popularity. Without further explaining it, let’s rank the best anime fight of this century.

10: Hanayama vs Speck and Ogre vs Kaku (Baki)

Oh boy, it was a very tough task to pick a fight from an anime that is full of karate and animation. If you’re an action and martial arts lover, Baki is a treat to watch. 

Even though it’s full of dreadful fights, I found Hanayma vs Speck and Ogre vs Kaku best suited for this list. They fight with fists, with monstrous combat skills, and with weapons. The scale of their fight is massive.

9: Asta and Yami vs Dante Zogratis (Black Clover)

If you had watched all the earlier seasons of Black Clover, you would have noticed a huge jump in animation while watching Asta and Yami vs Dante. Since this fight happened after a lot of storyline progression, the studio has to break the bar of their own animation.

However, it’s never easy for a studio to surpass the previous intense fight scenes, but thankfully Cloverworks has done it and deserves to be praised for it.

8: Saitma vs Genos and Boros (One Puch Man season 1)

An insanely powerful man who can beat his powerful foes with one punch sounds very much like boredom, but it’s not when he battles with the highest caliber of villain. Saitama vs Brors was undeniably a historical anime fight animated by the renowned Madhouse Studios.

Frankly, they set the bar way too high for other studios to surpass it. It was the reason why One Punch Man fans were pissed at J.C. Staff Studios for ruining its second season.

7: Chainsaw vs Katana Man (Chainsaw Man season 1)

Even though The Chainsaw Man is full of action, Chainsaw vs Katana was fabulously created. Honestly, the manga version of it was not as intense as the anime.

Chainsaw and Katana cutting through buildings while wreaking havoc on the surface of Tokyo were a treat to watch.

6: Eren vs Annie (Attack on Titan season 1)

AOT’s first season was widely considered one of the most depressing action anime in history. Because it was full of merciless deaths and cruelties with casualties. And surprisingly, it started and ended with a cruel massacre.

Annie has given Eren a very tough time in tall tree forests, but the real show was within the walls when Eren figured out the mystery of the female titan with the help of Armin’s gamble. Anime fans are in debt to Wit Studios for this project.

5: Tanjiro vs Rui (Demon Slayer Season 1)

Nowadays, studios are not holding back on their wallets, as UFOtabel has blessed us with one of the most expensive anime series of all time, Demon Slayer. The people who know about Demon Slayer must have remembered the remarkable fight between Tanjiro and the lower rank five demon “Rui.”

Even after many years of its release, I still feel the supremacy of Demon Slayer season 1, episode 19. The sparkling visuals, hovering fight sequences, and soundtrack make it worthy enough to be ranked in this list of anime with the best fight scenes.

4: Universe 7 vs Jiren (Dragon Ball Super)

I remember the days when Dragon Ball Super was ending and we were hoping that Goku would knock Jiren out with his mastered Ultra Instinct. And in the end, we saw Goku, Frieza, and Android 18 finish off the mighty Jiren, which was a total menace in the whole series.

The humongous budget of Toei Animation has pleased the fans with a remarkable fight among the mighty characters of Dragon Ball World.

3: Itadori Yuji and Todo vs Hanami (Jujutsu Kaisen season 1)

Jujutsu fans have been blessed with the Itadori and Todo vs Hanami fight scenes. Which was breathtaking with the special swapping technique of Todo.

However, it’s not very colorful, like Tanjiro vs Rui, but it’s more sequenced and understandable to watch. While the tag team of bros beating the crap out of Hanami, fans were truly enjoying it to the fullest.

2: Levi vs Beast Titan and Kenny Squad (Attack on Titan season 3)

Levi is not even the main character of AOT, and yet he successfully steals the show while soloing Beast Titan and Kenny’s squad. Thanks to the speechless, quick animations of Wit Studios, Levi’s piercing Beast Titan body was truly a treat to watch.

While talking about pure action and anime with the best fight scenes, forgetting Levi’s dominance in raw combat would be awful for anime fans.

1: Kyojiro vs Akaza and Tengen vs Gyutaro (Demon Slayer season 2)

I hope you have not forgotten the Demon Slayer Infinity Train arc, which was truly a masterpiece that broke all anime records with its box office collection. 

Previously, in 2022, people started picking the best episode from Demon Slayer season 2, and UFOtable surprised them with almost five brilliantly animated episodes of anime history. Kyojiro vs Akaza, Tanjiro vs Tengen, and Gyutaro were the best anime fights of all time. As the story has a lot to cover, we are surely to be given even more intense fights from Ufotable Studios.

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